Uncovering The Ego

Uncovering The Ego
Photo by Andrew Nicholson

We have always specialised in working with people and their egos, be it fears, limiting beliefs, attention seeking….. Seven years ago, we started to investigate the Enneagram a model and transformational system based on nine egotypes. Whilst fascinating, we found that the online tests that were available we inconclusive and contradictory; indeed many practitioners did not use or rely on them and fully expected it to take many months and many sessions to try to workout someone’s ego type.  The benefits from understanding and overcoming the ego are immense. This is at the heart of emotional intelligence, which in turn is at the heart of great leadership, relationships, emotional wellbeing, resilience to mental health challenges, the list goes on.

Over the last five years, we have studied the Enneagram in-depth. After being mis-typed so many times, we finally learned our true Enneatypes, which had a massive positive impact on our relationship. In truth, despite years of personal development and starting to feel ‘sorted’, learning the truth of the Enneagram enabled us to finally understand and accept ourselves and each other. Any need to be defensive fell away. We unconditionally committed to each other and our future path together, we committed to getting married and moving back to Di’s beloved Highlands.

We developed a proper understanding of the Enneagram, stripping away much of the over-spiritual sugar-coating that you will find in many books and getting to the core of egotyping in a way that we had been led to believe wasn’t possible. I liken this to some of the mystery around things like Buddhism; I like many Buddhist philosophies, however I don’t buy into the principle that you have to study and fully commit to it for 10 or 20 years to get most of the benefits. Neither is it a quick fix. As Buddha himself said, there is a third way. This is to study in depth and to be open to the possibility of getting great benefits relatively quickly – if you have studied well and from the best sources. And so it is with the Enneagram.

We have now created our own Enneagram test, with which we get great results. We don’t rely on it 100% and there is no absolute rush to immediately identify someone’s type, as much of the learning about self and others comes from exploring each time. None-the-less, we can and do quickly and reliably identify your type. What then unfolds is a bespoke training and mentoring programme for your type, as when it comes to personal  development – one size does not fit all – and learning what worked for your coach/mentor probably won’t fully serve you and may lead your down the proverbial ‘garden path’.

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