Taming the ‘ego machine’

Taming the ego machine

Our ego is a machine. It’s a machine that works to a specific routine.

It has a specific set of values, a specific motivating drive, a specific set of fears, rules, beliefs…

We don’t see our machine, because at the same time as you might say – it is within or inside us, we are also are inside it. We are unconsciously looking, sensing and interpreting through our structured ego-filters, which shape what we think we see and experience. It is like being on auto-pilot.

Yet there is another, bigger part of us, you might call it ‘soul’, ‘higher-self’, or our conscious self, that is tied in our ego-machine for the duration of our lives.

The more offended we feel by being told we are a machine, the more blind to our machine we become. This is how the ego-machine works. It is a clever little critter…

Within us, the soul and machine often go unwittingly into battle because they cannot see one another. Heart over head, head over heart, head over gut-instinct… our machine plays out its game, repeating patterns over and over again, dragging our soul along for the ride…

Other machines of different types, with different operating systems, come into contact with us every day. Some will offend us with their differences, and others will please us with their similarities and/or compliments.

We fall in and out of love, and in and out of being offended… this is not our soul. This is our ego structure – the machine.

If you are lucky, someone will introduce you to your machine and teach you how it works. This is what happened to me. I was flabbergasted at how blind I was to my machine. How on earth had I lived over four decades without being aware of the machine my soul was in? If anyone had told me my ego was a machine up until that point, I would likely have told them to ‘go away’ except not so nicely. Now I can talk about my machine openly and honestly without any need to emotionally react.

Once I was able to see my machine, my soul was able to take charge of the controls. I was then able to observe my machine in action, and change how it behaved, reacted and showed up. Only once I could see my own machine was I then able to see others with eyes that understood their machine too. This helped me understand our differences. Once I could see that, then judgement fell away. The difference between soul pain and machine pain became so clear, and I stopped becoming a victim to machine pain.

Our machine never goes away during our lifetime. We do not become ego-free. Those who claim to be ego-free can often simply be more blind to their machine.

However, we can learn to begin living in alignment with it, to find peace within our machine, to become at one with it, and to begin living to the potential within our machine.

The ego-machine has a definite structure. There are in fact nine very distinct egotypes. It is far from bad news. If we were all the same, the world simply wouldn’t function. Our differences create richness and variety. Together, we can all contribute to a greater whole. Each of the nine egotypes has a distinct gift and associates strengths that they can contribute too.

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