Taking Responsibility for your Feelings

Feelings and your emotional remote control

Imagine you are like a TV set. Everything that appears on your screen is set by your remote control – your channel, volume, brightness, contrast… everything. This remote belongs to you – it was made specifically for your set and works with no other TV.

Everything that displays on your screen is the frequency you choose for yourself, which then projects your programme, sound, energy and waves into the world.

Now imagine readily handing over your remote control to another, so that they can decide this for you, and instead of you…

You simply wouldn’t do that, would you?

Good! Ok, now that we’ve established that, you’re saying that no one else decides how you feel at any given time, right?

‘No?’ So others do have the power affect your feelings – to bring you down, raise you up, make you feel bad, make you angry, sad?

Thing is… no one else has the power to make you feel bad about yourself, or to make you feel angry, annoyed, offended… unless you readily give them permission by handing over your emotional remote control. This gives them power to change your brightness, volume, programme, absolutely everything (e.g. your feelings). It even gives them power to mute you… or to blow your fuse if they change your channels at a very fast pace over a prolonged period of time…

However… and this is the important bit… you have voluntarily handed it over to them, yet feel angry with them for choosing to use it.

This is a vital part in your soul’s journey – in taking responsibility for maintaining your inner equilibrium, no matter who tries to change your frequency. If you wake up every day not knowing how your day is going to expand because this generally depends on how other people behave towards you, then this can only leave you in a place of uncertainty and fear.

When what’s really making you angry, deep down beneath all the blame, is that you know you are worth far more, yet are handing away all your power.

You see, every single person who presses your buttons was put into your life to give you the opportunity to learn how to take charge of your feelings and your emotional remote control. Your button pressers are either your greatest source of pain, or your greatest teachers… however, only you can decide which. The longer it takes you to understand the lesson and take charge of your remote, the more times your buttons will have been pressed in the process, and the more like a victim you’re likely to feel.

There is great news though… because once you master it, others will no longer have the same effect on you. Button pressers will still be around, but they will be almost invisible to you because they will no longer hold the presence and power in your life that you had previously given them.

If anything, button pressers will also teach you the art of forgiveness… because you see, they will only be displaying from their screen the emotions they too are feeling inside. Most button pressers do so because their own have been pressed so many times. They then project their own pain on to others. Deep down, you’ll generally find they are hurting. However, we don’t even consider this as a possibility, because our own buttons are being pressed so frequently that we’re too busy being offended to see anything else…

So make the choice – decide on your own channel, brightness, volume… but blaming others for having the power to decide this for you is like saying you were never given a remote control to begin with. This is completely disempowering to you…

Because unfortunately the truth is that the TV set and remote always come as a pair.

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