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The Stats on Wellbeing & Potential


Repeated studies of wellbeing  have shown that less than one in five of us (17%) live in a regular state of ‘flourishing’ wellbeing, a place from which living to our potential becomes entirely possible and likely. Conversely, nearly a third of us are struggling with our emotional wellness either ‘languishing’ on the brink of more serious mental health issues (11%) or having been diagnosed e.g. often with depression, anxiety or stress (18%). The rest of us (54%) have what the psychologists describe as ‘moderate’ levels of wellbeing, which typically means we have our good days and not so good days/situations/moments/relationships….

Whether you are experiencing flourishing, moderate or lower levels of wellbeing, these are in fact ‘states’ on a scale. We can slide up and down this scale quite rapidly. If you don’t believe me, just go and watch a video of something that makes you happy, angry or sad – our moods can quickly alter and be influenced.

It is not the same for each of us. We react in different ways. Some of us are more emotional, so can experience higher highs and lower lows. Studies and shown that we all have a different ‘set-point’ for happiness. These are all elements of what some refer to as our character.

Whatever our character, we can all influence where we are on this spectrum of wellbeing. Read More →

The most empowering question you can ask yourself – Who am I?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could understand yourself in a brand new light?

By this I mean be able to understand the different triggers that cause you to respond to life in the way you do, to know and be able to recognise what takes your energy up, what takes you down, what motivates you, and to be able to instantly recognise when your ego is responding to life rather than the real you? And wouldn’t it be wonderful to really connect with your inherent talents and to not only believe you have those talents, but to truly, deeply know? You see, there’s a world of difference between believing something and actually knowing it. This brings true self-empowerment.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to understand others, especially those closest to you, in the same light too?

Well… did you know that there are 9 different perceptions of life, 9 different drives and models of the world, and that each of us experiences life through one of them? Here are just some examples of how they all differ from one another: Read More →

Your Potential


What Would You Like to Achieve?

Over the last 10 years we have developed a comprehensive, holistic and world-class personal development methodology.

In a nutshell, the best phrase to describe what we deliver is mentoring in ‘Emotional Intelligence‘. This is the kind of intelligence that is sadly lacking in today’s education and awareness.  A lack of emotional intelligence causes great challenges in our personal lives and in our relationship with ourselves and others. Conversely, a well developed emotional intelligence is at the heart of peace, contentment and love, as well as great leadership, teamwork and success in so many areas of life – especially relationships.

Milton Erickson, one of the first great experts on our sub-conscious, noted that

People only have problems because they are out of rapport with their unconscious minds.

Today, far too many of us struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, a lack of purpose and ultimately, stagnation. Probably the largest factor in all of this is a lack of self-awareness and a misalignment between what we think and do, versus who we truly are. Our work, and hence our brand name, is to connect you with your true potential and in so doing, bring you into rapport with your sub-conscious. Read More →