Testimonials by Groups and Organisations

CTYP run empowerment and embracing change educational and inspirational programmes – here’s testimonials by groups and organisations that have benefitted. The group programmes can be supplemented by 1:1 executive mentoring and coaching.

Andy & Di ran a series of ‘Embracing Change’ workshops for the staff at Inverness College, which is part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). The college was facing significant amounts of change in terms of leadership, direction and a move to new premises. Diane Rawlinson, Principal, said of the workshops:

Thank you for providing one of your workshops at the Inverness College staff conference last Friday. As my first staff conference and one marking such a significant time in the development of Inverness College, its success was of particular importance. I am delighted with the feedback that we have been given to date. Staff have received the event overall very positively and I know your workshop was a favourite with many. I hope we are able to work further together in the future. Kind regards, Diane Rawlinson, Principal

Anne George, MD, Trevor George Entertainments Ltd, team away day/motivational event for 28 staff:

Hello Di, Thank you so much for such a wonderful and uplifting day. Everyone is buzzing with it! I know that your workshop has been highly beneficial to all and I will be forwarding the information that you have kindly sent on to our entertainers who are now in various parts of the country and about to start their ‘first night’ this year. I have a feeling that you will be hearing from just about everyone during the course of the year. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and I look forward to the opportunity of inviting you to run another workshop for us and also to visiting one of your weekend events. Wishing you a fantastic New Year. With love from us all, Anne

Warwickshire County Council – Fear Busting Day for Change Managers:

Di and Andrew, I am writing to thank you both for your major contribution to the County Council’s Partnerships and Communities Team away day. The day was a success and we achieved our objective of providing an opportunity for members of the team to be challenged to think differently about the way that they tackle the problems that they are faced with in their working lives. Many people were initially uncomfortable in being challenged not just to think about the managerial and organisational solutions to the issues that they are faced with at work, but also to think about the way that they personally respond to those issues. However, as the day went on it was clear that people warmed to the idea and eventually relished the challenge of understanding how their state of mind, their beliefs and their attitudes could make an immense impact on the way that they responded to work issues and challenges and to life generally. I’m sure we all took away from the event new ideas and concepts that will be of real value to us in the future. Thanks again, Regards Peter Hunter, Nuneaton and Bedworth Area Manager, Performance and Development Directorate,  Warwickshire County Council

Julie Hall, Managing Director, Women Unlimited, said of Di’s ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’ workshops for women in business:

Hi Di, I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for such a wonderful workshop yesterday. The feedback from the ladies was phenomenal and they all came away feeling empowered and powerful. It was a really great day and I’m so glad that we decided to run another one. Please email me your invoice for the day and I’ll make sure it gets paid immediately. Thanks again for such a wonderful session. All the best, Julie

We had dozens of wonderful testimonials from a life changing ‘Empowering Women’ Empowerment Programme that we ran for a women’s group called Saheli. You can see all the testimonials, written and video by clicking here. Here’s just one testimonial that summed up the outcome of the programme:

This course is not your run of the mill ‘add a layer of positivity to your life’ that many empowering courses do. It is genuinely about unleashing the potential of individuals in line with their deeply held values – a powerful tool to bring individual and societal transformation!

Here’s what Charles Willcock, Chairman, Solihull Business Club had to say:

Thanks for delivering an excellent presentation. In the current economic situation if you have any doubts about the future and how to handle the challenges all around you, Andrew and Diane provide a refreshing thought provoking, energising presentation which helps you realise that you have the potential to change your situation for the better, if you want to make that change’.

Feedback From Some Of Our One Day Workshops For Spice

“Firstly, may I say a big thank you for Sunday! Everyone I spoke to was very impressed and felt that they had learned a lot from you. I have done a lot of work on myself, and felt that I was “nearly there” – but the first ten minutes of your day told me that in some crucial areas, I was still at square one! However, throughout the day I could identify places where I had grown and the workshop also enabled me to see clearly the areas I need to work on – so even of it only did that it was worth it!

The biggest things I got from your workshop were that I feel I need help discovering what I want: in an effort not to be high maintenance I have virtually no standards at all. The other thing was that although I keep being told that I should let down my barriers; your workshop made me realise that I don’t know what those barriers are! So I’m working on that: today has been quite a revelation!” “I learnt a lot from the workshop that you lead with Spice about finding your true soul mate. Friends have commented on how relaxed I am and how different my outlook is on life. I think one of the comments made last night, sums everything up, you need to love yourself and have a good relationship with self before you can move forward. I have started to identify the triggers that set my fears off and I am trying to conquer them – something that is not always easy. I have also worried about meeting new people and starting a dialogue off with them but have worked on this recently. Its strange how when you practice being out of your comfort zone, it begins to not be an issue anymore. I have even found that I can be quite flirty with people I don’t know and a lot more relaxed. I’ve found me! I have found the journey, to date, quite emotional and a real rollercoaster. My emotions flow a lot more and I don’t seem to hide them as much. In the world of work, I have fearless but when it comes to matters of the heart – now that’s a different matter. As I said last night – thank you for starting me on this journey.”

“The best workshop I’ve ever attended with Spice – I think that says it all”.

“The whole day was excellent – I really enjoyed it! I have seen Di and Andy elsewhere and already have got the book. I also employ some of their philosophies which is why I like to learn more. I don’t know how this event could be improved it was already excellent!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the feel the fear and do it anyway workshop. The trainers were both inspirational and inspiring. After having read the book a few years ago, have since revisited it and purchased Susan Jeffers 2nd book ‘End the struggle and dance with life’ and as a result of this feel able to cope with more difficult situations both at work and life in general”.

“Really enjoyed the Feel the Fear workshop on Sunday. The presenters were great, they created a relaxed atmosphere and responded well with the group. Having read the book I felt that this was a good way to further that experience but was equally as useful for someone who had not”.

“I left the day feeling inspired and motivated, having had the time over the course of the workshop to reflect on my life, what I was doing and how I could move on. A great start to the year”.

“Dear Di and Andy, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Workshop you gave yesterday at Lea Marston Hotel. Having read the book in it’s entiretly six years ago, it was a life changing experience. I have come so far during this time but like many things in life, we all start off with good intentions to continue with what we have learnt and to put it into practice, every now and again we have a wake up call and your workshop certainly was the Wake up Call I needed.”

“I feel better about my life already, I am writing an A-Z of daily affirmations personalised around my life in order to get my day off on the right footing… What a good start to the day!”

“I return to work tomorrow and will no longer apologise for interrupting the ‘boss’ when I need to speak to her. It was certainly an eye opener when I realised how many times during the day I apologise to people and for what?, Not anymore.”

“I will Feel the Fear and practice my public speaking, whether it be in a meeting at work or a workshop I’m attending… So what if it doesn’t quite go as planned, I’m in a winning situation just for doing it.”

“A HUGE Thank you to you both and Susan Jeffers, A True Life Saver :-)”

“I would recommend this course to almost anyone but especially to those who are feeling a bit ‘stuck’. A chance to stop, think and re-evaluate. Thank you”.

“Really enjoyed Feel the Fear ..and do it anyway. Some really good techniques for helping you take control and stopping fear from restricting your life. Also good ways of helping you make difficult decisions by turning them into win-win situations. I found the section on forgiving people and letting go of anger, bitterness and hurt, very powerful. I would definitely recommend this course to others”.

“Did the event write up match the event? Yes. How was the co-ordinator/supplier on the event? No specific co-ordinator, but course tutors did fine job. No co-ord required for this event. Did you enjoy the event as a whole? Yes, very much. Highly recommended. One of the better courses. Was the event value for money? Definitely. Superb value for money given price of doing it ‘private’. I always think in general the Spice courses are one of the best value types of events in Spice. Would you recommend this event to others? Definitely. “An excellent, and well run event”.

“Hi Diane and Andy, I have just returned from your Spice workshop today 10th January 2010. I really enjoyed it. It was motivational and inspiring. I will be recommending this workshop to others.” “A VERY BIG thank you for today”.

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