PRISM Brain Mapping

A Key To Understanding Your Behaviour and Unlocking Your Potential

PRISM Brain Mapping

PRISM is a 21st Century human behaviour instrument, specifically designed to assist individuals and organisations meet the kind of people-related challenges they face in today’s fast-changing world. Here’s a short video that explains why:







An Introduction to Neuroscience

The task of neuroscience is to explain behaviour in terms of the activities of the brain – how it marshals its billions of individual nerve cells to produce behaviour, and how these cells are influenced by the environment. Neuroscience provides us with insights into the human mind that only a few decades ago would have been considered the stuff of science fiction.

For decades scientists maintained that once its physical connections were completed during childhood, the brain had become hard-wired and remained like that for life. Now, thanks to modern imaging technology, we have proof that the brain is remarkably elastic in terms of its capacity for change, and we can explore what is actually occurring in our brain as we go about our daily lives.

Plasticity is a pivotal concept underlies our understanding of the human brain and behaviour, referring to the brain’s capacity for change. The brain never loses the power to transform itself on the basis of experience, and this transformation can occur over very short intervals.

A lack of focus and directionFocus alignment and directionResearch shows that people function best when they are able to make the most of their natural abilities. People constantly strive for meaning in their lives through the expression of their abilities and preferences, and they naturally seek relationships, lifestyles, jobs, and careers that allow them the freedom to achieve both self-expression and behavioural preference.

When our day-to-day life prevents us from using our natural abilities, however, our capacity for achieving our true potential is diminished, as is our ability to find satisfaction in our relationships and work.


Learn How Your Brain Works

PRISM is a unique and insightful tool to help you to understand yourself better. It is based on whole brain technology, that is our ability and preference to use different parts for our brain in order to behave very differently.

If you have ever wondered about left brained vs. right brained preferences, male vs. female, analytical/detailed/structured vs. imaginative/intuitive/empathic – then wonder no more.


No psychometric tool is perfect. We have studied human behaviour and personality at length and trialled many different personality typing tools and systems. We have also worked with lots of clients who have used many other tools. Here’s why we like using PRISM as one of the tools in our own unique methodology:

  • PRISM is based on cutting edge neuroscience (brain mapping) not solely on observations and classifications of behaviour. As such, it is not considered a psychometric assessment tool.
  • PRISM profiles the whole person (the whole brain) in terms of the personality related aspects of behaviour. PRISM realistically portrays the repertoire and inherent flexibility of your underlying behavioural ‘traits’, rather than falsely ‘typing’, labelling and boxing people in. Instead PRISM encourages you to broaden your behaviour and develop aspects of your personality, using more areas of your brain.
  • PRISM does not fall into the trap that many psychometric tools, including the well known ones, make – which is to confuse aspects of behaviour which are heavily influenced by emotional state with underlying traits.
  • PRISM doesn’t try to extrapolate a holistic understanding of an individual from their alleged preferences for a handful of psychological traits that do not represent the whole person.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“PRISM goes far beyond the MBTI which produces a four-letter “personality type” label for each person. Such an approach runs the real danger of transforming quantitative differences into categorical differences and thus reinforces stereotype attitudes that can block real behavioural change. PRISM is based on the principle that people and their behavioural preferences do change over time and that they adapt their behaviour to cope with the demands of different situations. In my experience PRISM can really bring about a major change in how individuals approach and communicate with others. It has been a tremendous success with people at all levels and I recommend it as an indispensable learning and development tool.” Dr Harold Newquist, Strategic Resourcing and Recruitment Consultant, Delta Consulting

Prism is used all around the world and is available in many different languages, including: Arabic, Spanish, German, Chinese, Hindi, Gujarati and Russian. Here’s some of the more well known organisations that benefit from PRISM Brain Mapping:

Corporate users of PRISM Brain Mapping

Read more about PRISM, who uses it and their testimonials in the PRISM Corporate Brochure.

Corporate uses of PRISM Brain Mapping


“I really feel for the first time that we have discovered in  PRISM a model of human behaviour that we can readily incorporate into our team and that will lead to improved motivation, performance and results.”  Dave Pickup, Customer Business Development Director, Procter & Gamble

“We have used PRISM Brain Mapping for the past 4 years and it has helped us immensely in maximising our training provision, especially in Sales Management training and Executive Coaching. As a result, we have come to rely on PRISM as part of a very reliable and effective system to add value in these key areas. PRISM is both easy to understand and use, and the profiles and reports generated are in-depth and informative, surprising users by their accuracy. We are extremely impressed with reliability and validity of the overall system. PRISM is a great resource for line managers, HR specialists and, indeed, anyone interested in developing people, and can really add value to the service that they offer. It does not pigeonhole people by any other singular label, but treats them as the individuals they are and embraces the fact that people behave differently in different circumstances and environments. I have no hesitation in recommending PRISM to anyone looking for a really effective profiling instrument.” Lynne Plater, Senior Learning and Development Manager, HSBC Bank plc

“I never cease to be amazed at the difference it can make in the here and now. I just love seeing the real impact it can have on individuals and teams. It is visual, easily understandable, memorable and jargon-free.” Chairman, Finance Corp

“PRISM really is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of profiling instruments; one tool, many uses. It can be used to great effect in most HR functions from recruitment to performance management.”
HR Director, Educational Foundation

PRISM Brain Mapping Swiss Army Knife

“PRISM is unique – head and shoulders above any other means of assessing individual and team behaviour. I have used it with complete confidence in a wide variety of settings from realigning a charity’s executive board to minimising the margin of error in employing retail staff.  …Probably as important as maximising the effectiveness of people is the amount of self awareness gained. PRISM is the consummate 21st century profiling tool.”
Managing Director, Retail Executive Development

PRISM provides a holistic view of personality and behaviour, highlighting:

  • Eight fundamental dimensions of behaviour
  • Scopes your preferences and potential for being rational and analytical, structured and organised, empathic and social, vs imaginative and intuitive
  • Natural talents that may be over or under-utilised
  • Reasons for potential boredom or stress
  • Your degree of alignment to your core and level of authenticity in a role

PRISM Brain mapThe colours refer to the four quadrants of your brain; your behaviour will reflect a preference and tendency to use particular neural pathways in the different parts of the brain, each of which is responsible for different aspects of behaviour. At the highest level: Red and Gold preferences reflect how you behave when engaged in a task and/or under pressure. Green and Blue reflect your behaviour in social settings and in establishing rapport with others.

“Although the human brain is immensely complicated, we have known for some time that it carries out four basic functions: getting information, making meaning of information, creating ideas from these meanings, and acting on those ideas”
Professor Marian Diamond, University of California, Berkeley

Talent Management, Recruitment & Retention

Here is a short video introducing how PRISM is a powerful and versatile tool for many aspects of Talent Management:







Research from Gallop has demonstrated that 80% of employees ‘falsify type’ i.e. try to be something they are not naturally in order to be recruited, promoted or retained. No business can be truly effective with this going on. PRISM answers the question – “Why isn’t the person that we interviewed, the person we employed?Note: A leading super-market chain once used a head hunter to appoint a new CEO, who lasted only 72 hours!

Traditional assessment of skill and ability is seriously lacking if it only focuses on IQ, practical skills and drive. Emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, conscientious-ness, cooperation and creativity make up the softer skills which usually make all the difference in terms of performance, teamwork and retention.

The importance of individual traits will vary according to the job role and context/ organ-isational culture. Some traits may undermine or be counter-productive to certain roles e.g. someone who likes evaluation and detail may not be a good completer-finisher of simple tasks; someone with a high degree of innovation and creativity could get bored easily; someone with low coordinating and support traits would not make a good supervisor. PRISM clearly shows the degree to which a person is detail oriented, people oriented, needs variety, agreeable, open to new experience vs. cautious, fast-paced or slow-paced etc.

Your PRISM Report

The PRISM Online Assessment is simple to complete online, taking 15-20 minutes after which a comprehensive 18, 26 or 39 page PDF report is produced that includes (depending on which option you take) :

  • A unique map of 8 fundamental dimensions of behaviour (innovating, initiating, supporting, coordinating, focusing, delivering, finishing, evaluating), broken out into 26 underlying work preferences
  • A description of your profile – your most comfortable and least comfortable traits, strengths, pitfalls to watch out for, performance improvement suggestions
  • Underlying map – natural, inherent ‘relaxed’ behaviour also the default reverted to under pressure
  • Adapted map – an indication of how you believe you need to adapt your underlying behaviour to achieve success in specific situations e.g. at work
  • An explanation of the 4 brain quadrants and 8 PRISM dimensions, how they function and their underlying strengths and characteristics
  • A career development report
  • Where you are on the Introversion – Extroversion range
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) report with benchmarking against control population
  • Interpretation of results along the ‘big 5’ personality traits
  • Your mental Toughness scores and report.
  • Optional team mapping and 360 degree feedback processes

Through Job Requirement Inventory and Organisational Cultural Benchmarking, PRISM demonstrates how well an individual is suited to (i) a role and (ii) the organisational culture, or sub-culture of a team. It can then be used to create individual guidelines for staff to follow which maximise their natural abilities and mitigate any weaknesses in a new role.

Click on the image below to open an enlarged version: PRISM Brain Map - explanation

PRISM’s Cycle of Performance Excellence
, based on the work of Deming, is a simple yet effective tool to help teams to understand each other’s gifts and work together more effectively. Click on the image below to open an enlarged version:

PRISM Cycle of Performance Excellence (COPE)

Your PRISM Report Options

You can compare in detail all the different PRISM reporting options in an interactive presentation here and with the overview table at the bottom of this page (click here).

prism versions


For Organisations

The importance of individual traits will vary according to the job role and context/organisational culture. Some traits may undermine or be counter-productive to certain roles e.g. someone who likes evaluation and detail may not be a good completer-finisher of simple tasks; someone with a high degree of innovation and creativity could get bored easily; someone with low coordinating and support traits would not make a good supervisor. PRISM clearly shows the degree to which a person is detail oriented, people oriented, needs variety, agreeable, open to new experience vs. cautious, fast-paced or slow-paced etc.

Through Job Requirement Inventory and Organisational Cultural Benchmarking, PRISM clearly demonstrates how well an individual is suited to (i) a role and (ii) the organisational culture, or sub-culture of a team. It can then be used to create individual guidelines for staff to follow which maximise their natural abilities and mitigate any weaknesses in a new role.

PRISM will supports ongoing staff and team development, high morale and teamwork, improved communication and reduced stress by:

  • Promoting greater awareness of each other
  • Team profiling – establishing the ideal balance/mix of traits for a team or a key project role
  • Individual and team performance improvement or learning and development plans
  • Structured online 360o feedback deployment and reporting (Note: there is an additional charge for this)

Please contact us to discuss the following in more detail:

PRISM is not a replacement for the traditional recruitment process, however it does greatly influence the success and reduce overall labour costs substantially.
PRISM can support your recruitment and induction process though the following:

  • Job benchmarking – establishing the ideal profile for a job.
  • Use of effective keywords to attract the ideal candidates in job adverts and dissuade the less suitable ones
  • PRISM Profiling of potentially suitable candidates, based on job application
  • Pre-interview filtering
  • Structured interview techniques and questioning

Click here for an interactive explanation of PRISM Select Online. Click here for a sample report.

Being aware of an organisation’s culture at all levels is important because the culture defines appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.
The degree to which an organisation’s values match the values of an individual who works for the company determines whether a person is a good match for a particular organisation.

Click here for an explanation of the Culture Inventory. Click here for a sample of the report.

PRISM Team Maps promote teamwork and team performance by raising awareness of the diversity of behavioural preferences in the team, facilitating better teamwork and minimizing team conflict.
The maps help the team identify what strengths the team has and what possible blind spots need to be addressed to overcome these challenges. They also assist leaders to diagnose a team’s performance and identify areas for improvement. As the team matures PRISM Brain Mapping will enable each individual to develop new strengths and compensating strategies to enhance team performance.

Click here for an interactive description of the PRISM Team Mapping report.

This team based tool allows for line managers, colleagues, subordinates, or even people from outside the organisation – to assess the individual concerned in a structured way that completely aligns with their PRISM Professional level report.
Most 360° assessments tell you only what is, or is not, contributing to a person’s effectiveness – PRISM 360° assessment also highlights “why”. This provides insight into what is taking place beneath the surface. PRISM is the only 360° profile that measures behavioural strengths, competencies, emotional intelligence and personality with options for mental toughness and career development assessment. 25 observers are available over 5 categories. Generic PRISM competencies may be replaced by your own in-house competencies.

Click here for an interactive description of the PRISM 360 report. Click here for a sample report.

PRISM ‘Career Match’ is a specialised interactive service to support personal development and statutory careers guidance for students of age 16+. Highlighting each student’s natural strengths and aptitudes, each individual can compare themselves against a database of over 1000 potential careers based on Work Aptitude and/or Behavioural Preferences.

Click here for an interactive description of the PRISM Career Match report.
Click here for an example of the career comparison pages.

This service, for schools and higher education, has been designed to be used interactively online without the need for a Certified PRISM Practitioner, although we can offer a follow up service too. Please contact us for more details.

For Individuals

The four different levels of PRISM report for individuals are described below and can be purchased online via this page by clicking on the relevant Paypal button in each tab of the table below:

PRISM 4DPRISM 4D is an entry level report with a 4 dimensional brain map and a downloadable workbook designed for schools for students between 12‐16 years.
Click here for an interactive description of the PRISM 4D report.
You can download the PRISM 4D workbook by clicking

PRISM Foundation reportPRISM Foundation Assessment and Report (£30). This low cost entry-level Brain Map report highlights your underlying behavioural preferences (the red line shown on the charts above) and provides a detailed 18 page report including: summary text narrative and work preference report plus work aptitude and work environment match. You can also compare your brain map profile with that of a typical job benchmark (green line above).
Click here for an interactive description of the PRISM Foundation report
You can download a sample PRISM Foundation report by clicking here.

PRISM Personal ReportPRISM Personal is the intermediate level version of PRISM Brain Mapping. It is an eight-dimensional instrument which not only shows the candidate’s Underlying or natural behavioural preferences, but also the way in which they adapt their behaviour on occasions to suit the perceived demands of their day-to-day role. Outputs include: profile maps showing a candidate’s Underlying, Adapted and Consistent behavioural preferences; introversion/extroversion profile; summary or full text narrative; work preferences, work aptitude and a work environment match plus career development report.

The candidate’s profile can be matched with a specific job benchmark and can provide an additional output on benchmark best fit. In conjunction with the profiles of other individuals, this version can be used to form a team profile.

This version requires feedback by a Certified PRISM Practitioner (i.e. Andrew Nicholson) and can be upgraded to the ‘Professional’ version.
Click here for an interactive description of the PRISM Personal report.
You can download a sample Personal PRISM 26 page report by clicking here.

PRISM Professional ReportPurchase a complete PRISM Professional report (£147) with interpretation and coaching. This gives you a comparison of your underlying (red) vs adapted behaviour (purple), together with the option to compare yourself against multiple job benchmarks (green), or even the job you are in right now.

This 39 page professional report includes everything with the Foundation and Personal report, plus:
* Emotional Intelligence Report
* ‘Big 5’ psychological traits report
* Mental Toughness Report (can be purchases separately)
* The option to include as part of a wider team map or 360 degree feedback process.

Plus it comes with coaching session to discuss its implications and any personal or job development related goals, personality clashes, team dynamics etc. This professional report and coaching is only available direct from me (Andy) as a Certified PRISM practitioner.

Click here for an interactive description of the PRISM Professional report.
You can download a sample PRISM Professional report by clicking here.
PRICE £147

prism version map


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