Enneagram Ego-Typing

Do you want to increase your emotional intelligence, improve your relationship with yourself and others?

If so, our advanced Enneagram solution is for you.

The Enneagram is an amazing and unique tool to allow you to understand yourself, behaviour and motivations of self and others. It is far more powerful and transformation than any other personality or psychometric tool that we know. That said, The Enneagram is often poorly understood and misrepresented; most people have been incorrectly ‘typed’. Just read some of the may articles about The Enneagram and the types attributed to well known celebrities – you will find major disagreement and discrepancy.

When used properly, the Enneagram is the most powerful of tools with which to understand yourself, others, develop your emotional intelligence and overcome the aspects of your ego that hold you back causing you pain and frustration. The source of most people’s biggest challenge is relationships. Firstly their relationship with themselves, then with everyone else. The Enneagram is THE KEY to unlocking your potential and to mastering great relationships.

Our Ego or ‘Shadow Side’

We all have an ego – there is no escaping that. The study of ‘wellbeing’ and ‘resilience’ has repeatedly shown that only 17% of the population, that’s less than 1 in 5 of us have a flourishing state of mental wellbeing most of the time. The Number 1 thing that holds us back is our EGO.

Watch our short video below to see how we remove the complexity and ‘blind spots’ from our client’s self-awareness and relationships.

There are nine distinct egotypes or ‘enneatypes’. We are not all born the same (even identical twins). Our egotype is a major part of what makes us different. We are born with a predisposition towards one egotype. Whilst it is shaped by the experience and our reaction to our formative years, we cannot change our core egotype.

What we can do is understand the box that our egotype has unwittingly put us in and the challenges that this create for us, particularly when we are not in the most resourceful of states. We can learn to master our ego, manage our resourcefulness and tap into the inherit gifts of our egotype and other qualities that we have inherited.

The Nine Egos Or ‘Enneatypes’

Each ‘Enneatype’ represents a distinct character, as depicted by our cartoon characters, displaying distinct traits – values, fears, virtues, vices, typical likes and dislikes, focus in life.

the enneagram nine types

Each of the nine types has fantastic qualities, core passions and fears which act as motivators, core virtues, typical vices and common pitfalls, which once known can be avoided. Unlike many Enneagram practitioners, we do not give the types descriptive labels, as such labels are very restrictive, misrepresentative and counter-productive. So we call them One to Nine.

There is a definite path for growth and transformation for each type – providing focus and strategy to enable you to tap into your most fantastic qualities and to co-operate with the other enneatypes. Similarly, there are definitive strategies for how to overcome all too common pitfalls of each egotype that can trip us up. Lastly, there is amazing awareness, tools and strategies for how your type can best get along with, support and inspire the other types. This awareness is the cornerstone to: emotional intelligence, great relationships, parenting, teamwork, negotiation, communication and leadership.

Here’s what one couple said about our Enneagram report and coaching:
“Understanding our Enneagram personality types has completely changed the way we interact with each other. The descriptions are extremely accurate, this is a tool we will continue to refer to and use”. Prior to this, our relationship was distant and had become stagnant after 10 years together. We both had expectations of divorce.” W & K, Gloucestershire.

Now they are falling in love all over again.

The History and Origins of The Enneagram

The origins of the Enneagram date back thousands of years to Hippocrates, the Greek physician who first started to think of people in ‘categories’ of personality style. Nine categories were observed. Four main schools of The Enneagram evolved during the mid to late 1900s, which have resulted in many different books and training courses. The popularisation of the Enneagram and the proliferation of teachers and schools has caused confusion, diluting and misrepresenting its potency. Hence, Enneagram is mostly misunderstood and people are predominantly mis-typed.

You can read more about the nine Enneagram types in our blog post titled: The most empowering question you can ask yourself – Who am I?

How Do I Learn My Enneatype and Access Your CTYP Transformation Programme?

As we have such an integrated methodology, of which the Enneagram is a key part, we don’t supply it on it’s own. There are two ways to access this – it is part of:

  • A Breakthrough Experience: in-depth face-to-face mentoring for Individuals (1:1), a Couples (2:2), a Family or for a Corporate Executive/Entrepreneur
    • This is delivered in the comfort and privacy of our own home in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, or my arrangement we can come to you.
  • Our 4 week mentoring programme for individuals, or our 7 week mentoring programme for couples.
    • These cover the same material as the Breakthrough Experience and are delivered via telephone or Skype, with homework and e-mail support to anywhere in the world.


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