Executive-Mentoring and Coaching

What Do You Want To Achieve?

Our Executive Mentoring and Coaching is tailored to your requirements in terms of the format and content of delivery. Use it to:

  • Solve a specific problem, or take an opportunity
  • or, to uncover and live up to your true potential?

Experience our unique and world-class core Connect To your Potential process, a well-honed journey that we take you on to develop your self-awareness, self-acceptance, potential and ‘self-actualisation. This generally takes one of two forms – a face-to-face breakthrough session or executive-mentoring, or a four week executive-mentoring distance course:

Executive-Mentoring Issues (problems) and Opportunities

The issues and opportunities that we typically help you to resolve and take include:

  • Embracing change – overcoming the hidden blocks, resistance, fear of the new and/or unknown and/or failure
  • Resolving with apparent clashes of personality – seemingly irreconcilable differences of style, egotypes and opinion
  • Leadership, Management and HR issues:
    • Learning how to understand, empathise and empower others
    • Identifying and aligning values, creating an aligned vision and purpose
    • Establishing the skills, aptitude and capability required for a role, project or optimised team. Assessing and identifying the right people, internally and externally (through optimised recruitment). See our PRISM Brain Mapping page for more details on optimised role assessment and recruitment aided by a neuroscience based approach.
  • Work-life balance:
    • Learning to live and work in accordance with you values. Establishing a meaningful personal purpose and aligning that with your job, vocation or entrepreneurial vision and purpose.
    • Understanding relationship dynamics, your relationship needs and those of your (potential) partner; balancing these with your vocation, income and expenditure
  • Succession and relationship dynamics issues, especially in family businesses:
    • Working alongside you, your colleagues and your professional advisors to smooth the way from an emotional and personal perspective to satisfactory business outcomes – providing ‘soft skills’ insight and support to facilitate efficient interaction and clarity with professional advisors

Here’s a couple of testimonials:

JB, Entrepreneur, Wills & Probate Specialist said:

‘The honesty, openness, warmth and love shone through and certainly helped me. The commitment shown by both of you was also really inspiring. I know that I have a long journey ahead, but as always, it starts with the first step and I undoubtedly took that step last weekend with you. I learned a good many things, but in particular: 1. My dissatisfaction is not about what I have/don’t have, where I live/work or what I can/can’t afford – it is all about me – who I am and how I feel about myself. The changes I need to make are not about my career, home, car, holidays etc., but are about my inner-self and finding the joy therein. 2. I am a powerful person, a leader. Importantly, I do not need to fear this power. I do need (and want) to embrace it. My power is a power for good; for me, for those around me and my wider community. 3. I am learning to let go and trust. The day after the workshop… was the first day of the rest of my life. The positive effects did not end that day and I’m pleased to say that they have continued and I am working to make sure that they continue. I look forward to sharing future excitements with you. Once again many thanks’.

(re: custom hypnotherapy MP3 by Di) I’m so impressed with this, you’ve done a fantastic job! I’m listening to it a second time while writing this email to you. This MP3 is completely tailored for my needs and who I am, which really makes it work for me! I will meditate on this twice a day and stick it on my ipod, it is so effective that by just listening to your voice I just don’t feel alone. It will really give me the strength to go out on my own. This is who I am and you have reminded me who I am again. I had lost myself completely and was walking like a zombie everywhere, feeling low, under-confident and lost, with my mind full of fears and negativity. This will really help me pick myself up again. That’s the biggest gift someone can give to anyone. I will keep this with me at all times like a companion in difficult times. I’m already feeling the difference just by listening to it. Thanks for this. I’m very touched by your kind gesture and to do all this when you’re busy coaching and delivering workshops.

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