Empowerment Programme

We’ve taken some of the best of our CTYP material and packaged it as a modular empowerment training and mentoring programme. This can be tailored to suit groups of people such as employees, community workers, social care workers, carers, community leaders and groups etc.

We have delivered this very successfully as an open 10 week evening class and as a 10 week Empowerment programme. It can be run for men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

We ran an Empowering Women programme for a group of 30 mainly Muslim women, all influential in their community as entrepreneurs, voluntary workers and community leaders. This group, based in Birmingham was organised via Saheli. It was a very special experience for all concerned. Despite not having any great knowledge and direct experience with Muslims or Islam, we found that by the end of the course we had been fully accepted and trusted by the participants, who learned lots of new tools and insights that allowed them to practise their faith more effectively and live according to their individual values. It truly was an empowering experience, one which delivered lasting results and impact throughout their community. This was summed up well by one of many testimonials:

This course is not your run of the mill ‘add a layer of positivity to your life’ that many empowering courses do. It is genuinely about unleashing the potential of individuals in line with their deeply held values – a powerful tool to bring individual and societal transformation!

You can see the fantastic video feedback and lots more written testimonials below:

Empowering Women Programme – Testimonials

Saheli women's empowerment programmeThank you Diane and Andy for being such amazing inspirational tutors on this course. You have both really opened my eyes! I loved the sessions on energy , relationships and personality types the most! It’s great because you are living role-models for what you teach. You’re both totally amazing people, I love what you both do and how you deliver it. You have changed my life for the better! Thank you. Aaisha Lone, Pharmacist

I love myself and I am an amazing woman!! This workshop really opened my eyes to the beauty in the world and the love that we are surrounded by. It helped me connect to my soul and made me stronger in my faith. I now can take on the world with happiness by my side. Positive thinking is the key to success. It has been like an amazing journey that has changed my life forever. Thank you Andy and Diane. I wish you success in continuing to touch people’s lives. Anonymous

Firstly, the experience has been life-changing. I have learned to enjoy myself and actually found it is OK to say how good you are. Andy and Di are truly inspirational people, they give the workshops a personal touch. Neelam Rose, Managing Director

I love myself and I am an amazing person. This workshop highlighted my talents and opened my heart. It helped me connect with my soul and made me stronger. Thank you Andy and Diane. Anonymous, Housewife

Thank you for making a difference in my life. You have helped me to be more confident and value myself and help the people around me. Thank you so much. Anonymous

Thank you so much you beautiful, loving, caring, understanding, unique and special people. You have not only inspired me but have taught us how to live life to the full and enjoy all the beautiful opportunities around us. May god bless you with all the love, health and abundance of life’s joys. Rana Nazir, Water Treatment Consultant Engineer

There aren’t enough words to encapsulate the effect the course has had on my approach to life. I am totally in love with the way God has created me, and I now know that I am fully equipped to deal with life’s challenges. Faeeza Vaid, Community Activist

This course has changed my views on relationships, men, and other aspects of life. Andy and Di’s way of teaching is heart-touching. I can’t explain the benefits of it in words. I really want to attend more workshops with you both. Mamoona, Housewife

I feel this course is one of the best I have ever been to! I feel that it has made me more self-aware. I know and understand myself and my strengths better. I am happier and can handle any situation because I love and trust myself. Hafizun Nessa, Development Worker

Fantastic, very good, self-confidence-building, self-esteem, understanding and loving    yourself, non-judgemental, forgiveness… Excellent teaching, life changing. Anonymous

This course is immensely inspirational, intense and an excellent confidence building programme. The course makes you more aware of your achievement and skill set and teaches you how to find the positive side of negatives. Completely transforms mind over matter – an amazing, unforgettable experience. I only wish I knew Andy and Di earlier. Thank you. Embreen Adris, Journalist & Business Woman

This was a great course. The changes it has encouraged me to make in my life are amazing and I’ve been taught by the best teachers anyone could ever have. Di and Andy, you’ve been great! Thank you both for everything. Sabina Magsood, Trainee Pharmacy Technician

I came to this course almost wanting to give up on life, fed up with everything and everyone. And now I feel transformed. I have a positive outlook on life, look for good in everything and love myself. Anonymous

The course has taught me how to understand myself and others. This makes most problems more easy to deal with. There is so much food for thought. I enjoyed learning from Andy and Di’s experiences and from the journeys that other women on the course had made. So grateful for all the new friends I have made. Thanks. Anonymous

This course was such as wonderful opportunity for me to understand myself and others better. I am valuing myself more and accepting others the way they are. I am not judgmental. I am loving and appreciating myself. I’ve forgiven people. This course was a journey – I am heading towards my destination with a more positive approach. My aims are high. I am achieving them and will carry on achieving them (Insha Allah) with the help of God. Nayyer Sultana, Domestic Engineer

Thank you for bringing this course to us. It has helped me to understand myself and realise my potential. Sameena Kauser, Full-time Mum

Di and Andy are inspirational workshop leaders who know how to bring the best out of people. They not only delivered what they promised, the opportunity to connect to my potential, but more. I felt like I had really been on a journey and I couldn’t have asked for two better guides. Their enthusiasm was infectious but it was the candid and honest sharing of their stories and experiences which made me feel honoured to be part of such a wonderful experience. Thank you. Pamela Jabbar, Student

Empowering Women Programme – Feedback

  • 18 Responses – all scored (100%) 10/10 It Totally Exceeded My Expectations
  • 17/18 (94%) Rated the Tutors 10/10, one rated the tutors 9/10 Excellent

Empowerment in Action: What do you feel was most inspirational about the workshop?

  • The content, the tutors!! The people, the energy…everything.
  • I learned to love myself and others around me. I love the passion and enthusiasm Andy and Di have, it really inspires.
  • Realising my potential.
  • Di and Andy were inspirational tutors, but it was the way they shared their experiences and created an environment for the rest of us to share and inspire each other.
  • Self-awareness. Connecting to my potential. Letting go of my limiting beliefs.
  • Learning everyone’s stories, learning specific ways of approaching situations, values, purpose etc.
  • The way the tutors delivered the workshop helped us to connect within ourselves to find our strength and weaknesses.
  • Everything.  The teachers were amazing – great role models.
  • Confidence building, acknowledging attributes.
  • Love yourself, value yourself, forgiveness.
  • The positivity, loving yourself and valuing yourself.
  • Encouragement, valuing myself, willing to achieve.
  • Wow – hard to single out one thing.
  • Feeling inspired myself and valuing myself. Being able to realise my potential even further and gaining confidence.
  • Being positive, forgiving, loving, enjoying life.
  • To value myself and how to value others.
  • Everything, being able to understand myself.

6/17 people wished the programme could have gone on longer. One person would have preferred a shorter course, due to University commitments.

Four people suggested that time for 1:1 sessions would have been beneficial, especially to help those in the group who are more shy or facing very personal issues that are more difficult to share.

The main differences this programme will make to my life are:

  • It has given me the boost I needed to start fulfilling my intentions.
  • A more happier and positive approach towards life – living in ‘today’ and having higher hopes and aims for tomorrow.
  • I will continue to educate myself about this. I will also teach friends and family what I learned.
  • Having a positive outlook on life. Not letting people or situations get me down. I am on my way to achieving my goals.
  • It has made me more positive and I won’t feel so challenged by daily issues.
  • Public speaking, increased level of determination, more ambitions, positive mental attitude.
  • Loving myself.
  • To love, believe in and value myself. To love without expecting back.
  • Confidence, courage, never give up.
  • I’m positive that with practice, life will now be full of beautiful purpose.
  • I will be able to make the difference in other people’s lives – to value themselves, having no limiting beliefs, facing their fears…
  • Valuing myself – confidence – being a better person.
  • Permission to be my real self and live in line with my values.
  • To value myself and how to value others.
  • It has given me a chance to explore my thoughts and understand my motivations.
  • Loads – personally and professionally – huge changes will be made.
  • The way I feel about myself and others. The way I see the world – my whole perception has changed. I feel more love and energy now.
  • It will help me to live in a place of love 24/7.

100% said that they would recommend this programme to others.

100% said that they would like further workshops – subjects requested were: more on relationships (x3), professionalism, how to mix with those of other faith positively, reminders – especially working on pursuing purpose (x2), confidence building (x3), public speaking (x3) and being an inspirational role model, how to coach, everything & anything – I just want to learn more from Di and Andy, anything beneficial, setting up in business.

Other Comments

  • Absolutely fantastic!
  • This has truly been an amazing journey. I am so fortunate to have been a part of it.
  • Thank you sooo much, best workshop ever! It was positive for me and my business.
  • It has been an amazing journey and I am grateful and thankful to you for changing my life.
  • Have seen the changes in all the ladies who gained in terms of positivity, energy, confidence and radiance in the room. Thank you xxx
  • THANK YOU. I connected with Di’s personality so incredibly – and Andy illustrated so clearly how possible ‘opposites’ can attract.
  • Thank you for an eye opening experience.
  • What I have learned from this course is amazing. I’m just thinking that THANK YOU is not enough for Andy and Di. God bless you in this world.
  • May Allah bless you both. Thank you. Xxxxx
  • I wish it didn’t end.
  • Fantastic. I’ve heard other ‘Inspirational Speakers’ none of them compare to you. You’re fab x
  • I had a great time on this course, I have enjoyed every part of the course and it has really changed my life.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.
  • Love you both; you are inspirational for us. I’d love to learn more from you whenever it is possible.
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