Embracing Change

Fear, uncertainty, anxiety, inertia, avoidance and resistance…

These are all symptoms of a fundamental fear of uncertainty and the unknown, underpinned by the false beliefs that we can’t handle much of what life throws at us. FEAR has been explained as False Expectations Appearing Real. Whilst it is healthy, sensible and natural to experience fear in the face of some types of physical situations that could harm you, most fears these days are unnecessary and impede us. Embracing Change makes sense of all of this, giving you the tools and understanding to master your emotions and overcome the inherent limitations of any unnecessary and unhelpful fears or resistance to change.

Fear is an unconscious response to such situations. Our training programmes, coaching and mentoring make people consciously aware of the cause and effects of such unconscious programming, allowing them to take back conscious control where it is appropriate to do so. Fear is also harnessed by our EGO – another sub-conscious mechanism that can both sabotage us and hold us back from what we’d consciously like to do (but often dare not).

The effect of these unwanted aspects of fear and ego is typically to greatly reduce or eliminate happiness, wellbeing, positivity and enthusiasm, in people’s personal, family and work lives.

Of course, as well as being healthy in certain situations – when appropriate, fear as an emotion  can be harnessed in short-bursts to help us stretch ourselves and perform physical, sporting, adventurous or creative feats to our best.  We teach you how to tell the difference resourceful and unresourceful fears and how to expand your comfort zone.

Our Credentials

We have run ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’, ‘Embracing Change’ and ‘Connect To Your Courage’ workshops for a variety of groups, businesses and organisations. Here’s a couple of testimonials:

Andy & Di ran a series of ‘Embracing Change’ workshops for the staff at Inverness College, which is part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). The college was facing significant amounts of change in terms of leadership, direction and a move to new premises. Diane Rawlinson, Principal, said of the workshops:

Thank you for providing one of your workshops at the Inverness College staff conference last Friday. As my first staff conference and one marking such a significant time in the development of Inverness College, its success was of particular importance. I am delighted with the feedback that we have been given to date. Staff have received the event overall very positively and I know your workshop was a favourite with many. I hope we are able to work further together in the future. Kind regards, Diane Rawlinson, Principal

Warwickshire County Council – Fear Busting Day for Change Managers:

Di and Andrew, I am writing to thank you both for your major contribution to the County Council’s Partnerships and Communities Team away day. The day was a success and we achieved our objective of providing an opportunity for members of the team to be challenged to think differently about the way that they tackle the problems that they are faced with in their working lives. Many people were initially uncomfortable in being challenged not just to think about the managerial and organisational solutions to the issues that they are faced with at work, but also to think about the way that they personally respond to those issues. However, as the day went on it was clear that people warmed to the idea and eventually relished the challenge of understanding how their state of mind, their beliefs and their attitudes could make an immense impact on the way that they responded to work issues and challenges and to life generally. I’m sure we all took away from the event new ideas and concepts that will be of real value to us in the future. Thanks again, Regards Peter Hunter, Nuneaton and Bedworth Area Manager, Performance and Development Directorate,  Warwickshire County Council

Diane was Susan Jeffers’ first licenced and approved workshop tutor world-wide, delivering this workshop to over 2000 people. Andy and Di have delivered the workshop together for six years. In 2014, we decided not to renew our licence so that we could focus more on our own material in our ‘Embracing Change’ and ‘Connect To Your Courage‘ workshops.

Connect To Your Courage can be run by us as an open workshop which members of the public book, or more often now we run it for organisations and their staff, stakeholders or clients. WE have now packaged up the material into a six week online Confidence and Courage course which can be taken anywhere in the world by working through the videos, exercises and workbook.

Embracing Change in Your Organisation

Embracing Change is typically run in-house within an organisation; it contains much of the same content, but can be geared towards the specific changes that your organisation is facing and tailored to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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