Connect To Your Potential

Connect To Your Potential Two Day Workshop

In this workshop, you will explore and answer the following questions,
and understand yourself and others at an incredible new level:

questions on the meaning of life

This workshop’s title has been carefully chosen, because it does exactly what it suggests. Over two intensive days, you will identify and clear away the debris holding you back, be able to see and understand both your limiting patterns and your inherent gift, and connect fully with your potential and purpose as a direct result.

It’s like releasing your handbrake on life, and putting your foot firmly on the accelerator.

How would you feel if you could live to your full purpose and potential with a deep inner knowing that your path is absolutely right for you, rather than just hoping it is, or wondering whether it is?

This workshop doesn’t work on a one size fits all solution. The solution will unfold for you as an individual, and in a way that is right for you. We keep the groups small in size, so that Andy and I can work with each person as an individual, rather than simply passing on information to a large group.

The Journey into the Real You

The best way to explain what you will gain over these two days is to share with you what this journey meant for me personally, and for Andy and I as a couple, and how it all unfolded. This will aid greatly in helping you understand what you will gain from attending and why we are so passionate about awakening others to the sheer potential of their journey.

I’d been on a personal development journey for many years, both as a learner and teacher, and both roles changed, unfolded and adapted as my awareness grew. At first, I mastered the tools to help me maintain a sense of inner happiness. Yet at the same time, I didn’t really know myself at a core level. I just knew I felt happy, but I didn’t understand what really drove me, or why I behaved the way I did when I faced certain situations. I didn’t really know why I found certain things easy, which others found difficult, and why I found certain things difficult which others found easy. I also didn’t really understand why certain things triggered upset or joy, when those same things didn’t have the same effect on others, and vice versa. I began to notice differences in what drives all of us. Why did I connect and feel comfortable with some people, whilst finding it difficult to feel any connection at all with others? I became a fascinated observer. What I did notice is that humanity as a whole seemed to be easily offended by, or judgmental towards, our fundamental differences in perception. In fact, they seemed to create most of life’s misunderstandings and resulting fears.

However, I felt happy, so did it really matter? Yes, massively. Because my positive outlook was just icing. It was actually preventing me from facing and dealing with my own shadow side and understanding myself at a much deeper level.

When Andy and I first got together, we both became vulnerable to new love and the potential pain that entrusting your heart with another can hold. The result with many in this situation is that our deepest core fears tend to rise to the surface. We began to notice just how different we were. What seemed important to one of us, wasn’t important to the other; what one focused on, was ignored by the other. This caused some challenges, because our default behaviours kept surfacing, as our different perceptions and drives attempted to protect themselves and be the right one. However we loved each other deeply and wanted to find a way to understand each other’s perception without taking our differences personally.

The Enneagram of Egotypes

On our journey together, we discovered the Enneagram. We attended workshops and did several online tests; free ones and ones we paid for. Each of the tests typed us differently. They all asked a set of questions, and then provided us with our resulting type or choice of probable types. However, we could both relate to many of the types when it came to surface level behaviours, so there was no definitive clarity as to which one we actually were. Ultimately, it didn’t really tell us anything meaningful. In fact, it caused more confusion than anything.

What is generally taught about the Enneagram has become very sugar-coated, so that it will be socially acceptable in today’s society. This means that when we read about it or take the tests, we can show up as, and identify with, many different types. This actually dilutes and distorts what it can teach us, because the purpose of the Enneagram is to teach us about our ego. The immense learning it offers becomes diluted when most of the information is withheld so that it doesn’t offend the very thing it’s trying to bring into our awareness…

SThe Enneagramo when we discovered the real, down to roots, unsugar-coated Enneagram, we learned the truth at last, including all the distinctly negative traits of each of the 9 types. Nothing was held back. It blew my beliefs wide open, along with everything I thought I knew. For the very first time I was able to properly identify which type I am. The negative patterns which surface in me when I’m feeling low were suddenly out in the open and utterly unmistakable to me. I had never seen or understood them in this way before, never mind held my hands up to them. I felt stripped bare. No amount of positive icing was going to hide this away for me. For the first time my questions were answered – I understood why certain things meant more to me than others, why some things came naturally, and I also understood the deeply rooted drive beneath my own behaviour, triggers and responses. This helped me understand why my negative patterns showed up in the first place. Self-forgiveness was almost instant. Mistyping myself was impossible, because the drives of the other 8 types simply weren’t me at all. They were fundamentally different – 9 completely distinctive ways of being and experiencing life, and we can only be one of them. Yet none of the online tests or the books we’d read had mentioned these deeper underlying traits, which is what had made it so difficult to be correctly typed or to understand the real meaning behind the Enneagram.

After immersing myself in its study for several years, and working with hundreds of clients at a deeply transparent level, more and more awareness came to me, until the true meaning of the 9 ego types became astoundingly clear.

Each of our journeys and all we have to learn in life, are fundamental to this awareness – our lessons are built into the very differences between us. Yet how can we learn those lessons, when most are blissfully unaware of this?


The self-awareness was breath-taking. This was an entirely different kind of awareness. From that point I was no longer running on subconscious automatic. The moment I caught myself playing one of my Enneatype patterns, I was able to recognise it, forgive it, stop it in its tracks, and consciously choose another response with full awareness. With practice, new responses became the norm, and my default patterns have pretty much disappeared. I was then able for the first time to apply my personal development journey to myself in a way that was right for me as an individual, rather than generically. Andy did the same, and the difference it made to us as individuals, to our relationship and to how we perceive life – there are no words which can aptly describe it.

Once I had recognised and awakened to my negative patterns, something astounding happened. I was able to clearly see and connect with my innate gift with complete and utter trust. Each of the 9 types has a natural ability – something that they seem able to achieve almost effortlessly, which opened my eyes to why comparing ourselves to someone else is such a futile task. Each of us are here to master different things and bring those gifts into the world, and to then share that knowledge with the other 8 types who do not find them quite as easy.

In an awakened society, could you imagine the sheer potential of this, if it were embraced from a place of awareness. No more ‘I’m right, you’re wrong!’ No more negatively comparing one’s self against another… instead, immense learning and growth.

The gift that comes with my Enneatype is emotional intelligence. This comes at the expense of other things, as with all types. No one has everything. My drive is relationships, with the emphasis for me personally on intimate relationships. Knowing and understanding this allowed me to embrace not only my relationship, but also my life purpose – to teach others about their relationship with themselves, with their partner, and with the rest of humanity. My subconscious blocks were cleared, along with any self-doubt. This is the gift my Enneatype allows me to share with the world. So, I connected fully with my potential, surrendering to it from a place of complete trust and knowing.

To give you a brief comparison, another of the types is driven by success. They will be quite different to me. For them, success can often be achieved effortlessly, as opposed to me having that same skill in relationships. They will have the natural flair to get on with others, the gift of negotiating when it comes to making sales, and a competitive edge which brings them out on top… so their innate gift, when merged with self belief, becomes their gift to the world. To teach others about success in business or competition. We will have a different set of default behavioural patterns to achieve and protect that drive, and a very different way of being. Neither is wrong or right, they simply are. Part of our journey into awakening is to be able to understand these ways of being, and to embrace the learning contained within.

It’s quite simple – our way is simply not the only way, no matter how much we think it is.

When Andy and I learned all of this about ourselves, it was like we met properly for the first time, except this time with complete transparency. Why we had faced our challenges suddenly became crystal clear. For the first time I actually understood his way of being, and he mine, and we realised that our differences weren’t about the other at all. In fact, very suddenly it felt rather ridiculous to take offense at the other’s way of perceiving life. Yet until then, we had, because without this insight, we simply didn’t have the understanding we needed to overcome it. We could have continued to apply positive thinking strategies, but instead of bringing out the best in ourselves and one another, we would have been in protection mode, applying principles to make ourselves feel better instead of allowing ourselves to flourish fully.

This was without doubt the greatest turnaround we had ever experienced.

Andy’s Enneatype is different to both those mentioned above. His and my default behavioural patterns had been exactly the challenges we had encountered in our relationship. In fact, so default are these patterns, that you could take any two Enneatypes who are the same as he and I, and they are likely to experience practically the same challenges. Even though we had both undergone years of personal development, when it came to looking deeply within, our drive and survival triggers came to the fore. They really weren’t going to disappear until we could see them, understand them, embrace them and overcome them… and learn how to bring out the best in ourselves and one another for the personalities we actually are, rather than trying to change ourselves or one another.

Same two people, completely different relationship. It’s as simple as this – the lower an individual’s emotional energy, the further into their negative default patterns they go. The higher their energy, the more in their gift they begin to operate and live. Most people are somewhere in the middle, occasionally fluctuating up and down, and so their behaviour and self-doubt shifts like the tide. In this place it can be difficult to embrace one’s fullest potential. With this knowledge, embracing your potential with complete self belief that you have the innate skills to do so, becomes a no-brainer.

Understanding this is understanding humanity. I find it difficult to become annoyed with, or judge, others now. When I can see another’s drive, I am able to empathise with their model of the world, and it makes for a place of profound understanding and insight towards others. It also creates a profound sense of inner peace, when there is no longer any desire to be offended by others’ differences in perception. After years of intensive study, working with hundreds of clients at the core of their ego type, and digesting so much of what we learned about the 9 types along the way, we gained an indepth understanding of the immense differences, challenges, fears and motivations that drive each of them. To judge another human being for their behaviour leaves me in no doubt that it is coming from my own ego, and is little to do with them.

Most people are trying to feel positive by no longer doing negative things. With this insight it lifts you into a new paradigm, making a loving, forgiving attitude to life second nature.

I mentioned earlier that every online test we completed typed us both incorrectly. In fact the type I actually am was consistently my lowest or second lowest score. As a result, Andy and I have developed our own Enneagram test which asks more powerful unsugar-coated questions, and we are achieving a 95% + success rate in correct typing. We are also writing a book on our discoveries.

So if you decide to come on this workshop, you will be facing the deepest shadow side of your ego and it’s unlikely to be comfortable to begin with. However, what you can achieve from that place is phenomenal. It’s not about boxing you into a type. On the contrary it’s about allowing you to see the box you’ve unwittingly placed yourself in so that you can step out of it. Remember that you won’t only get to see your shadow side, you will also connect with your gift, and you’ll see how and why both sets of behaviours are a direct result of your motivating drive.

From Awareness Comes Better Choices

From awareness comes choice… and the potential to master yourself, harness your natural talents and preferences, and align these to a powerful and meaningful purpose and direction.

Ego and personality are just one part of this incredible two day journey – you will also uncover your beliefs, unique values, underlying human needs and much more. We have developed an exercise which will help you identify the nature of your life purpose, which you can then match to your innate gift. You will see how everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Once this puzzle is put together, the feeling of alignment and completeness is immense. You will continue to grow, observe and learn long after you leave us, but this is the doorway through. This knowledge, when combined, awakens you to your unique model of the world through which you will be able to make decisions and take action in total alignment with who you are.

The one thing we know for sure is that each of the 9 Enneatypes have a very different path for transformation; no two types require the same solution to step out of the box and into their talent and strength. One type focuses on false abundance, one on false lack, another on potential problems, another on existing problems. This in itself will demonstrate just how different the journeys for transformation need to be. We have put together 9 different programmes for each of the types. To read more about some of the differences between the types, click here.

We have witnessed people going through profound changes. A light coming on in their eyes as they come face to face with how they have been creating a very blurry version of their lives until that point. You too can begin to live the life you were born to lead. The world needs the gifts that come with all 9 types in order to maintain a balanced humanity. Mankind as we know it wouldn’t work if everyone was like you, or if just one of the types were removed.

The eyes through which you perceive humanity will be gifted with a new insight, one which provides a deeper understanding, and through this, loving responses. This in itself raises consciousness, both yours and those around you.

Another of the powerful insights we will share with you is the understanding and awareness to step through your fears of rejection, disapproval, being judged by others and failure. If worrying about what others think is something you face daily, then this workshop is most definitely for you.

We also discuss authentic giving, and even more empowering, forgiveness. If there is anyone in your life that you have not yet forgiven, this course will provide you with a new understanding and perspective that will set you free.

You will discover how you teach others how to treat you, what your internal and external dialogue says about you the moment you enter a room… and we’ll provide you with the tools to change it. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in some jaw-dropping demonstrations which will illustrate how the language you use weakens or strengthens you.

This workshop is a catalyst for a journey of self-love. This is one of the most empowering gifts you can provide yourself and others with. The simple fact is that no one can love you more than you love yourself. The more you love yourself, the more love you have to share with others and the more you teach others that you are worth loving. Step by step, piece by piece, the picture will become clear as the workshop unfolds; the way in which the awareness is shared will awaken you to what is truly possible.

As well as a detailed write-up on your Enneagram profile, you will also receive your individual PRISM Brain Map. Based on advanced neuroscience, PRISM is a behavioural profiling tool that identifies your natural strengths and brain preferences. You will find out the extent to which you’re left-brained vs. right-brained and which of the 4 quadrants of your brain you prefer to use the most. You’ll discover whether you’re more naturally tuned into your imagination and creativity, being analytical, empathic or driven to succeed. This helps you understand and play to your strengths. Andy is a certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner, and is also able to map your brain preferences, to the type of work that would best play to your natural talents. Your PRISM profile literally shows you if you are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, career-wise.

prism four brain quadrants

As individuals, we are taught and encouraged to set goals and plan for the future. Goal setting is rarely enough to create deep and lasting authentic happiness. This is because goals are set from the ego and are unlikely to be in alignment with who you really are. Self-awareness, direction and purpose are the context in which goals take meaning and value.

A Complete Blueprint for YOU

Many people’s personal development journeys are haphazard, experimenting with lots of different philosophies, books and courses. It can end up looking something like this:

personal development jigsaw

The key is to discover who you are first…

then align your actions and intention with that…

On this Connect To Your Potential workshop you will receive:-

  • A full personality outline of the negative behavioural patterns your Enneatype plays with you, and how to recognise, catch and change them.
  • A comprehensive coaching programme for your Enneatype on how to transform through these patterns.
  • A tick list of all the actions you need to take for your Enneatype so that you can live to your talents.
  • A comprehensive understanding of your values and exactly where you need to take action to live in alignment with them.
  • Your human needs and where you need to take action to meet them healthily.
  • Your PRISM profile, which will match your brain preferences to the kind of work you’d be ideally suited for.
  • All of the above will be aligned with your life purpose. This will create a comprehensive understanding of who you are; your talents and strengths, and what you are here to achieve, along with the actions you need to take to set you on your way.
  • After the workshop, there will be follow-up homework for you to complete, including a vision board for your future.

And the picture transforms from the one above, to this…CTYP self development jigsawLife moves from this:

no direction in lifeto this:aligned direction and focus


Imagine giving yourself permission to be, to understand and forgive your responses from the past. To harness the very best of who you are and to see and encourage the best in others. Imagine embracing your strengths, creating and committing to your life’s purpose. When you come face to face with your own and others perceptions of life, it enables you to move into a loving place. This is the basis of unconditional love.

This now underpins an amazing methodology that works for everyone.

If you would like to experience this level of understanding and connection with your partner, then we’d suggest you both attend our Couple’s Relationship Breakthrough Experience – a complete guide on how YOUR two personalities and models of the world can work together in unity, bringing out the very best in each other.

If you would like to experience this on a one to one, face to face basis, rather than in a workshop setting, then you can attend a Breakthrough Experience for an Individual.

You can also take our Four Week Distance Programme for Individuals or the Seven Week version for Couples from anywhere in the world over skype or phone, with homework between sessions to cover this same content over the course of a month.

If you would like to go even more deeply into self-awareness, then you can join our Five Day Transformational Retreat, which will take you deeply through this journey .

Here’s how a few of our attendees feel about Connect To Your Potential:

“I enjoyed this workshop immensely. I thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone! The demonstration of my own power was astounding! Yes, Yes, Yes!”
PW, female, Home Counties.

“I loved the combination of learning and exercises (learning by doing) – the amount of information was just right. I will now focus my attention on what I want and increase my energetic calibration. Life really is out there for me.”
AS, female, Leamington Spa“

“I loved being challenged and now feel very clear about my purpose. The explanations given by Andy and Di to illustrate what is possible and seeing the changes in myself and the others on the workshop was amazing to witness. I now feel very clear about my purpose and believe I can do it!
ST, female, Warwickshire

“I loved getting in touch with what really inspires me and allows me to shine. I now trust in me and have let go of worry. I now know exactly what I want in life.”
JB, male, Warwickshire

“I loved the vibrancy of Andy and Di and how they make it so simple to understand. I have changed my thought patterns and started on my journey; my life is just about to begin. It was a perfect weekend and workshop. Thank you both, you are amazing people.
AB, female, London

“Writing my purpose was inspirational and brought together all that I learned over the weekend. This workshop has changed my perspective of past events and has clarified the future.”
KB, female, Warwickshire

About Di & Andy

Diane Nicholson is a much sought after teacher who has touched the lives of many with her empathy, inspirational talks, workshops and her own inspiring story. Diane is an International Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Workshop Leader, Master Practitioner of NLP, Enneagram Teacher and Advanced Hypnotherapist. Diane was also Susan Jeffers’ first approved ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’ trainer worldwide, and delivered over 200 Feel the Fear workshops to 2000 people over 7 years. She has been empowering others to live a life filled with purpose for many years after stepping through her own fears and limiting beliefs. Her purpose in life is to help others reach their fullest potential with a sense of confidence, love and full self-awareness. She has achieved phenomenal results.

Andrew Nicholson is a Relationship Coach and Mentor who knows what it takes to make lasting positive change. He spent two years working and training at a top relationship retreat in Europe where he underwent extensive training in relationship coaching. Andy is also trained to NLP Master Practitioner Level. His great passion is helping people and organisations move from to a place of deep authenticity. Andy is a Certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner and an experienced Enneagram Teacher.

Andy & DiAndy and Di are passionate about their purpose and their journey together as soul mates. Through their organisation, Connect To Your Potential, they enable individuals and couples to overcome the challenges that life and relationships bring, connect with their purpose, and step into their fullest potential.

They have been featured in the centre pages of the Daily Express, Kindred Spirit magazine, High Spirit magazine, Soul & Spirit magazine, Take a Break magazine, Tree of Life magazine and The Vision Board book. They’ve also been interviewed many times on BBC Radio, other radio stations and webcasts.

We look forward to connecting you with your true potential

Andy & Di

Here’s some more feedback from attendees:

I’d recommend this workshop to everybody. Just keep doing what you are both doing so well. This workshop would also be excellent for children/teenagers and entrepreneurs.
SW. female, Warwickshire

“Di and Andy were most inspirational. The workshop helped me to move into my purpose and destiny, specifically to finding an intimate relationship.”
AS , female, London

Incredible! I realised I have a purpose after all! I learned how to follow my instincts too!
PT, female, Warwickshire

“Excellent workshop! I have now eliminated any and all doubts about what I can achieve what I really want for my life. I gained clarity of who I am and my purpose.”
CN, male, London

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