How Emotionally Intelligent Is Your Family Business?

Thank you for your interest in Solving the Personal and Personnel Challenges of Running a Family Business.

family businessEvery business is faced with challenges but none more so than a family business. These combine all the usual business pressures with the addition of ‘family dynamics’, issues such as succession planning and often heightened challenges around work-life balance.

We’ve worked extensively with families and family businesses, carrying out research and development into understanding character and behaviour. We have identified 12 common areas of challenge, each with typical pitfalls that can cause strain on relationships and unnecessary stress. We call these 12 areas ‘The Dangerous Dozen’.

family business under stressFree Emotional Intelligence assessment

You cannot change what you can’t see and understand. So we have provided you with a free, no obligation online assessment of these twelve areas of Emotional Intelligence (EQ, as opposed to IQ) within your business. You can get this now using the link shown below. Your individual scores for ‘The Dangerous Dozen’ challenges to an emotionally intelligent business will highlight where you can start to address these important issues. Our assessment and the free e-book that will follow, titled ‘Solving the Personal and Personnel Challenges of Running a Family Business’ will explain how to go about solving and avoiding these challenges and pitfalls.

Do you have an emotionally intelligent family business?

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