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Emotionally Intelligent Organisations

At CTYP, as specialists in personality and behaviour we empower and inspire organisations and the individuals within them to become more self-aware; to communicate and co-operate efficiently and effectively, to understand, harness, balance and align everyone’s very different capabilities. We also prevent those differences from blocking individual, team and organisational potential.

In short, we help you to develop emotional intelligent organisations. Below, you will find examples of the types of issues that we have helped organisations solve, plus links to examples, testimonials and the services that we provide.

Taking Responsibility:

  • Embracing change – overcoming the hidden blocks, resistance, fear of the new and/or unknown and/or failure. Our Breakthrough Days for Individuals, or Connect To Your Courage and Embracing Change workshops enable huge breakthroughs for individuals and groups.
  • Clash of personality – seemingly irreconcilable differences of style, egotypes and opinion that can sap positivity, creativity and co-operation. Here are links to explanations of ego and egotypes and our highly enlightening work with the Enneagram.
  • Autocracy and control issues – helping individuals at any level of the organisation (from the top down) who cannot let go of the reins, inspire and empower others to flourish.
  • Executive Coaching – 1:1 support to enable: career development, leadership, dealing with awkward people and situations, work-life balance, stress, a happy family life etc.

Real empowerment

Working with organisations, communities and the third sector to help them to understand and embrace resilience and emotional wellbeing on a pragmatic level.

  • This leads to improved health, happiness, productivity, inclusion independence. Check out the amazing feedback from our Empowerment Programme for community support workers.
  • Facilitating individuals and teams to overcome shyness, anxiety and limiting beliefs, to identify and live by their values, meet their human needs and so find their voice, inner strength and authenticity.
  • Enabling individuals to know their worth and their potential and to step into it, knowing it is OK to ask for help and it is safe to grow and learn (if necessary, from mistakes).
  • Saying thank you by supporting and developing community leaders and volunteers to make the optimum effect through their contribution.
  • Enabling leaders to inspire, allowing and facilitating the opportunity and culture for empowerment to succeed. See our Executive Coaching and Mentoring page for more details.
  • Building optimal teams – identifying the collective skills that a team needs to get the job done, matching and balancing skills, aptitude and creativity to the tasks at hand.
  • Establishing the skills, aptitude and capability required for a role, project or optimised team. Assessing and identifying the right people, internally and externally. See our PRISM Brain Mapping page for more details on strengths/role/training needs assessments and recruitment aided by a neuroscience based approach.

We have a whole programme of education for HR and Organisational Development Managers called ‘From HRM to MRH: From Human Resource Management to Managing The Resource That Is Human’. Contact us for more details of how to inject and inspire more emotional intelligence, wellbeing, empowerment, personal development and individual responsibility into your organisation or community.

Resolving Family Business Issues:

We’ve worked extensively with families and family businesses, carrying out research and development into understanding character and behaviour. This has led to us identifying 12 common challenges that can threaten the very existence and long-term survival of a family business. We call these issues ‘The Dangerous Dozen‘. Each area of challenge has predictable pitfalls that can cause unnecessary stress and strain on individuals and relationships.

Take our exclusive, free, no obligation online assessment to find out how emotionally intelligent your business is. Take the assessment now and we will also send you our 12 page e-book titled ‘Solving the Personal and Personnel Challenges of Running a Family Business‘. Below are some of the most common challenges:

  • Bridging the generation gap (which usually isn’t generational, it is a clash of personalities).
  • Sibling rivalry – embracing differences and issues between family members within and outwith the business.
  • Matching skills, strengths and temperament to the roles that need to be excelled in for the business and the individuals concerned to thrive.
  • Integrating non-family members – developing trust and equitable relationships with employees and advisors.
  • Succession planning – developing the necessary leadership, development and letting go skills to allow a successful transition.
  • Retirement planning – providing the tools and insight to let go of role based identity allowing a transition into satisfying and rewarding later chapters in life.

Culture & Leadership

  • Culture Change – establishing the individual and collective values of the organisation and its stakeholders. Aligning those to a vision, mission and purpose that can drive a thriving organisation. Supporting change and developing the workforce
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – emotional intelligence is the most sought after and most lacking leadership skill. Go to the following link to find out why and how to develop Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and then read our blog article on ‘Level 5 Leadership.
  • See our Executive Coaching and Mentoring page for more details

Corporate Testimonials

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