Testimonials by Individuals

You both have faced your shadows and your patterns. You have each taken responsibility for them. You have chosen to walk differently and treat each other from a love and mutual respect that is such a beautiful example to others. I have learned a great deal just from your posts and what I have been able to see of your life’s work together.

Testimonials from 1:1 Breakthrough Experiences

These are a mixture of testimonials from both face-to-face and distance Breakthrough Expeirences for Individuals:

I have to say that your Breakthrough Experience is second to none. Fantastic! A thorough understanding of self and others 😊 

Well.. What can I say!!! Since I have left you I feel like a completely different person! I’m finally living with my “eyes open” it’s amazing!!!
I’m looking at life from a completely different perspective. I somehow feel calm.. Content.. And observant, and you know what?? I’m just cool with what life brings that day. So far I’m taking each day as it comes and I’m ok!!! At times I feel like I crying with happiness and other times I’m catching myself telling people about the 9 personality types!!!
But most of all I’m learning to be me… I’m observing the ego and catching it just in time! It doesn’t feel hard work and although I’ve already had a few small challenges… It’s ok! I can handle it! Words are simply not enough to describe my love and gratitude to andy and yourself so all I can say for now a thank you (million fold)
You touch people’s lives in ways I don’t think you’ll ever know!!! {We do know!} Love to both of you.

Di and Andy, a HUGE thank you to you both for all the support and inspiration you gave me at the weekend. You have absolutely changed my life! I had never admitted to anyone that I’m not 100% happy in my job, I felt guilty about all the time, effort and money invested in training to become a teacher. But now I can see that it has all been extremely valuable experience which will support me in my future venture. I have been rather busy over the last few days, brainstorming ideas for my new business. I now have a clear vision, thanks very much to the visionboard! It was so much easier to show what it is that I want, using pictures. Previously I would have felt a little silly/immature but now I understand that my personality is unique for a reason, and I intend to use every part of it to the best of my ability. Di and Andy, you opened my eyes to my life and the world around me, and for that I am so grateful. My purpose is to celebrate and experience life, in the role of creative director, responsibly accepting all changes and expressing my passions creatively.

Hi Di, well just going through some old papers, and in the past I was Apter’d, I was MBTI’d, I was Firo B’d. I had the Learning Styles approach, the NLP approach, Belbin and something called LBA2!!! Pretty much every single test just confirmed what I really knew about myself, but not one of them pointed out the why’s and wherefores of why I was like that and what really drove me. Unlike the Enneagram, it’s really refreshing to be told plainly what drives you and why you react the way you do and what motivates you. Once you know these core things then you can really start to a)fully accept yourself and b)notice how much influence they have in your life and choose how you decide to react to things in the future… will have to refresh and go through the paperwork again.. Amazing stuff indeed!!! xx

(re: custom hypnotherapy MP3 by Di) I’m so impressed with this, you’ve done a fantastic job! I’m listening to it a second time while writing this email to you. This MP3 is completely tailored for my needs and who I am, which really makes it work for me! I will meditate on this twice a day and stick it on my ipod, it is so effective that by just listening to your voice I just don’t feel alone. It will really give me the strength to go out on my own. This is who I am and you have reminded me who I am again. I had lost myself completely and was walking like a zombie everywhere, feeling low, under-confident and lost, with my mind full of fears and negativity. This will really help me pick myself up again. That’s the biggest gift someone can give to anyone. I will keep this with me at all times like a companion in difficult times. I’m already feeling the difference just by listening to it. Thanks for this. I’m very touched by your kind gesture and to do all this when you’re busy coaching and delivering workshops.

Testimonials by Individuals who have attended our open workshops:

Here’s a recent testimonial from Janet, who attended a Breakthrough Experience workshop in 2016 and also commented on our adoption of the term Accelerated Personalised Development, to describe the learning and transformation framework that we provide all of our clients.

About Accelerated Personalised Development – I felt absolutely motivated and inspired by the article – it really covered your work – and got a “corporate” message across too. The list of coping strategies and the final key benefit summary – were, for me, very powerful.

About the workshop experience – I keep thinking of ####### – how he grabbed the info during our BreakThrough Experience workshop last year. He seemed to expand before us – yet on first impression (wrong I know) he seemed a very unlikely candidate for the weekend.  More mature male/super business brain/married/grown children – what could he take from an emotional intelligence course?  ####### (name withheld for confidentiality) showed us that your work gives such a unique benefit to the company and staff in all aspects of their lives.
So I think the new “accelerated personalised development” is genius. It implies speed (sadly we are living in an “instant world”) uniqueness (no matter what our ego type surely we all want to be assured we are individuals ) and development (we are getting value – we will improve).
I am in Bali just now and it is obvious here that so many people just want to be given a “magic wand solution” ( they can, and do, spend so much seeing healers/fortune tellers/a guru) – but your work involves taking responsibility – understanding that we are not all sweetness and light.
Yours is the only format that I have seen absolute evidence that it will work. So many are “looking for something” – you offer an opportunity to unveil the individual unique gifts that are already within us. But it is like delayed gratification- you have to put the work in first – then the rewards will come. So much of our world has become play now- pay later (or never!). Credit card living – we are losing that deep senses of satisfaction that comes from reaping the rewards of work – and your system is the only place I have ever been shown this.
It seems that our own nature is maybe our greatest power – and you both understand this and teach us to see and work with it. We are too ready to pass the buck – to not step into the driver’s seat and take responsibility.
I know you both understand, indeed have shown me, all of the above, but I wanted to try and express how much your article made me think – it fired my belly. I now feel much better equipped to understand myself – and this has stopped me acting on my emotions – and boy did I used to be a drama queen!
This gift is, without doubt, thanks to Diane and your work. Honestly- you both changed my life – Diane inspired me – she has the heart of Mother Theresa combined with an Incredible mind and strength.

Please know how much I appreciate the opportunity to learn even more from you both – nothing could delight me more. 
You were so right when you said that you can’t unknow this stuff….and I’m loving it! 😀😀.

I love reading the blogs and often guide people to your pages, although it’s when the person is ready is when the massive lightbulb comes on :-)) as did with me. Thank you and keep up the good work! Kim x

Fabulous weekend as always at Brightlife! Thank you, I am so grateful to have had a bursary, I really do appreciate it, so thanks again.
The course was excellent, I loved every minute! Very well structured with so many exercises to work through as well as more to work with on a continued basis. We certainly had an intense weekend of growth and self-learning, leaving us all wanting more! The workbook provided was excellent. Very well organised, designed and presented. Bursting with information. Lots of individual work too. There were in class case studies, but with compliant victims! Amazing work. But, BIG BIG shifts I felt for all.
Di and Andy are the real deal. 100% on it, both professional and extremely passionate about their subject. when teaching they truly give their all. They complement each other perfectly with the way they structure the workshop, taking turns to lead. It worked so well. And of course lovely people to spend time with, and great hosts at meal times etc. It must have been demanding with such a large group!
We all also received individual emails on Tuesday with further information to support our learning. A very comprehensive body of information was sent to us, which must have taken ages to pull together. I am particularly impressed with this. It’s really informative and helpful..
The group bonded well and had really good energy, all appreciative of the course, facilities and wonderful hospitality. Love and poodle cuddles to you! Billee x

You are both part of the journey and it feels good to finally walk into a new me. Even got a new work style for my clothes so I’m more me. My new job is awesome, our new home is so rich of beauty and activities. We have lovely new friends. Life is GOOD! My new work is enabling me to be myself but also demonstrate my expertise. They are all a lovely bunch and I already feel part of the family. I am learning more about me and what I am not daily and just ‘check myself’ when the ego lands (I have named her Porsha). She rears head occasionally e.g. when I’m trying too hard and I’ve learnt to relax a bit. Long may it continue. Claire xx

Di and Andy, a HUGE thank you to you both for all the support and inspiration you gave me at the weekend. You have absolutely changed my life! I had never admitted to anyone that I’m not 100% happy in my job, I felt guilty about all the time, effort and money invested in training to become a teacher. But now I can see that it has all been extremely valuable experience which will support me in my future venture. I have been rather busy over the last few days, brainstorming ideas for my new business. I now have a clear vision, thanks very much to the visionboard! It was so much easier to show what it is that I want, using pictures. Previously I would have felt a little silly /immature but now I understand that my personality is unique for a reason, and I intend to use every part of it to the best of my ability. Di and Andy, you opened my eyes to my life and the world around me, and for that I am so grateful. My purpose is to celebrate and experience life, in the role of creative director, responsibly accepting all changes and expressing my passions creatively.

The course was fantastic; I have never seen so much change and shifts in so many people on a workshop! Really empowering. I immediately connected with Di a gorgeous lady! What a fab team, totally impressed by them! Both amazingly inspiring teachers totally hooked now! This is definitely top of the list of workshops I have attended so far! They were incredibly organised with the workbooks and information slides, etc. (which I love).

This workshop exceeded my expectations. Di and Andy were so authentic. Without a doubt, I now have the tools and confidence that I need. This workshop has helped me to realise my full potential and to begin to enjoy my life without having pointless baggage. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway®: A truly amazing and inspirational experience; turning my many negative thoughts completely on their head and replacing them with powerful, positive, energy-giving understanding. Di and Andy have a passion which is incredibly special, and I feel privileged to have worked with them. I am feeling confident and fulfilled at home and work; and my husband and colleagues are commenting on the many noticeable differences. For everything, THANK YOU.

It exceeded my expectations and my needs. I can’t even begin to describe the change – for the first time in my life, I love myself and feel able to radiate love to everyone else.

An e-mail written directly to Susan Jeffers after one of our ‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway®’ workshop attendees:–

I am just e-mailing you with some feed back regarding a feel the fear workshop I attended recently with Andy Nicholson and Diane MacDowall. Having suffered mild depression earlier in the year my doctor suggested I read ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ and I absolutely loved it reading it twice in succession. This led me onto looking into attending a workshop to help with inspiration and motivation. I must say that Di and Andy are a real credit to you. They are the most loving, welcoming couple you could ever wish to meet. They made us all feel so at home and listened patiently to us throughout the weekend as well as offering so much support and encouragement. They were a real inspiration to me – I have never met people who are so happy and content within themselves. Huge changes were made by the whole group and it was better than I ever imagined. It was a fabulous workshop which has really helped me led by two fantastic teachers. I have attached my feedback form for you to read also. A big thank you to Susan and all who have made this possible.

I found this course inspirational. It made me realise how little I have been giving to myself and how I now do this to find the beautiful me that is inside… I’m now full of empowerment and self-belief.

… and hundreds more

“I feel a difference to my whole sense of being. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone. It has been an amazing weekend. Keep doing what you’re doing. I love you both.”

“It surpassed my expectations. It has given me confidence, a love of myself and a belief that I CAN achieve. My journey will begin from today.”

“This went above and beyond all I imagined and was extremely insightful. I am now ready to SOAR to higher heights and unlock my potential. Thank you so much for taking me on this journey.”

“I now believe anything is possible if you really want it.  Even when faced with obstacles, like the media company letting me down, the costs, etc… it didn’t stop me.   I believe in myself and my abilities, and a big thanks to you both for bringing it out of me.  Now I’m going all guns blazing to land that record deal…… there is just no stopping me!  (PS – this man landed his record deal 3 short months later).”

“Hi Di & Andy, Trust all is well with you both. Got the job I visualised on the workshop & am giving my notice in tomorrow!! There were only 300 applicants. Thank you both for “floating the bread on the water”. Feel the fear changes lives. Take risks!” RR

“It was inspirational to be able to share with the group and realise that I was not alone. This has given me the confidence that I can achieve what I want in life.”

“I left your course that Sunday evening with the distinct feeling that i had forgotten something! I eventually realised that what i had left behind was a part of ME! A part of me that I no longer needed! Yourselves, and all the beautiful people in the group, finally made me feel that I was totally accepted for the person that I am. I was so completely at ease with everyone. I haven’t felt that comfortable in a group of people for many years! I thank you both and the rest of the group for contributing to helping me see the light!”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway. – It will change your life.  I read feel the fear and do it anyway some months before attending this course. I had a normal if not privileged family life, it was hectic though more often than not my day ended with moaning and started with moaning. I thought I was a great role model for my children taking everything on and so on and so on, I am sure it is familiar to so many people. How had I become like this, I could feel that things were really starting to go wrong. I diagnosed myself with an attitude problem, but I just could not see a way to change it. I honestly thought that everything and everyone else was the problem and not me. I wanted to do the course because I knew that I would continue to blame everyone else for my failings or problems or whatever really. I knew that even though I had read the book, I would not devote the time to myself to put it into action. My negativity was seeping into our family life and affecting my children, my marriage, and my business and I really wanted to change. Having attended Diane and Andy’s course, I realised that I really lacked positivity, understanding and acceptance in my life. They didn’t tell me these things (that would not have worked anyway) but they gave me the tools to work it out for myself, they were loving, kind, gentle and challenging. The course was a revelation and has lifted such an unnecessary burden that I had put myself under, just by choosing a particular mindset. Diane and Andy really can help you to set yourself free, they will give you the tools and guidance to do so. Not only will you become a lighter person but you will meet beautiful people and experience beautiful things along the way. I see such positive changes in mine and my children’s spirits since doing the course and I feel so much brighter and lighter. I still have some learning to do but see it in such a different light. I cannot thank Diane and Andy or the other participants on the course enough for the love and support that they bestowed upon me, and the important lessons they enabled me to learn.  With love thank you.”

“I am bursting to let you guys know how happy and free I feel.  I have driven home for the first time in ages with NO blaring music and a smile on my face.  It is hard to comprehend that 5 weeks ago I attempted to take my own life and was taken from my home and placed in a psychiatric hospital.  Now, I know the only way is up.  I know I have an amazing future head of me.  Thank you so much for making a difference in this world. Fondest love, K x”

“Yesterday was the start of my new life! After I got home, I called a driving instructor and I have my first driving lesson on Thursday. Do you know what? I am well excited! I have an induction in a gym tomorrow too. I told Matt what he means to me which he loved. I embraced life today and feel great. Thank you all for everything. I feel very blessed. With love, C xxxxxx”

“Hi Dynamic Di and Awesome Andy, I trust (not hope!) that you are both are well. Thank you so much for the course and your beautiful hospitality. The weekend was much more powerful and inspirational than I had ever expected, I really got immersed into it, and I loved every minute of it! I feel tons better than I did before I came onto the workshop.  I feel a lot more happier than I have done for ages, I’m beginning to feel the fear and do it anyway, life seems so much brighter and more abundant , I’ve been smelling flowers on the way to work instead of having the I hate Mondays syndrome…wow…I better stop gushing now before I burst into song in the middle of work!! And this is all down to you and Andy. I can’t thank you both enough.Looking forward to seeing you guys again.With soooo much love, S XX”

“Thank you Di and Andy for the weekend and email that arrived today. I told Steve on our way home about how fantastic the weekend had been and how much I enjoyed the time we all spent together. Likewise I put my intentions into action and shared with Steve what I am going to tell him everyday.  I went into town today and bumped into three people I know!!  So on my first local trip, this was meant to be and I handled it brilliantly.  What a day and the comfort zone has been stretched!…. Love to you all, D XX”

“I am blessed to have met you both. I was telling my sister last night that this course was the best I have ever been to – I will be promoting this to anyone who feels fear is holding them back – it’s just magical. I would also like to give you some feedback – in my 40 years you are the first people I’ve met who give 100% honest feedback but said with lots of love and care. All of us got so much off our chests and were open and honest with each other. I feel lighter – positive and optimistic… thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, love you both. Wishing you all the luck, happiness and love in the world. B X”

“Thank you very much for a wonderful two days. I very quickly felt at home in your home with your lovely and heartfelt welcome and your generous offerings of food and drinks throughout the time I spent with you. When I came to you, I was not at all sure what was going wrong, I felt like I was walking in the dark. I had a great deal of information but it did not seem to be getting me very far. With the Feel the Fear seminar you conducted, and your love and patience with each one of the participants, it feels like everything has fallen into place. I left you yesterday feeling very clear about where I was going wrong, and I knew exactly how to fix it. I am full of excitement and joy as I look forward to the rest of my life.  M xx”

“BIG THANKS to you both for a wonderful, inspiring, life changing weekend. I spoke to my partner about the workshop and told him how much I appreciate him….it left us both in tears.  The workshop was the most inspiring two days of my life – so much so that I have made the decision to make a huge step in my comfort zone and feel that I am ready to speak to my doctor about weaning myself off Diazepam to something much less mind numbing. Lots of love, S xx”

“How can we thank you! I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to give up worrying about my boy (worry being the opposite of prayer) and instead focus on visualising him walking into the room and telling me that he’s happier than he’s ever been and that he knows where he’s going and what he wants to do … And thanks to you two, and his own willingness and openness to listen and take on board what his mother has been trying to pass onto him for the last few years (but who listens to their mother when they’re 19 years old!) that is exactly what has happened. The light is back – he even looks different! He’s not fixed… because he was never broken … but he’s found his way back into the flow, sailing downstream instead of struggling up stream, with access to all these miraculous ways of thinking and creating and manifesting … You have no idea how grateful we are to you both for your generosity and wisdom and loving intervention.   Him too.   Please know that we are both here for you, always.  All our love and gratitude.”

“Thank you so much for the workshop and your beautiful hospitality. The weekend was much more powerful and inspirational than I had ever expected, I really got immersed into it and I loved every minute! I feel tons better than I did before I came.  I feel a lot happier than I have done for ages, I’m beginning to feel the fear and do it anyway, life seems so much brighter and more abundant , I’ve been smelling flowers on the way to work instead of having the ‘I hate Mondays’ syndrome…wow!…I better stop gushing now before I burst into song in the middle of work!! And this is all down to you both. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Wow! Thanks. When doing last weeks homework, one of the things l listed as a payoff for previously staying stuck in certain aspects of my life was:  I’m acceptable because I am normal – inside the box. Right … I am now generating so much light that the box disintegrates. My positive affirmation is: I am gliding effortlessly forward, freely and positively with all aspects of my life :0) See you next week. I am thoroughly enjoying the course. I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to be excited about life! M (female, Evening Class, Coventry)”

“Thank you, I’m feeling very motivated. I’ve already reduced my running time to 1 second off target, just by being so much more relaxed about it. It felt great! I’ve just ordered some of the books and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. Thanks again for such a wonderfully positive experience on the workshop. It will change my life. With love, Kirsty x”

“I just wanted to let you know my good news, I’ve manifested something really fantastic and I’m sure much has to do with my determination and clarity following my time with you guys on ‘Your Phenomenal Future’. I have been busy working towards this goal for a while as you know, a new job has been gifted from the Universe, very exciting and a real challenge. I would like to thank you for your support and hope to see you before I leave next month, I will be at next months YES group Birmingham. I’m sure we will meet there after as I hope to do further courses with you and learn about your exciting progressions too. Much gratitude and big hugs. N x”

“In April of this year, I was lucky enough to attend Di MacDowall’s “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” seminar in London.  It was, for me, a thoroughly enlightening and empowering experience; difficult to describe in a few words, as the effects of such a seminar are long lasting and self-perpetuating.  But I felt that through Di’s teaching, understanding and enthusiasm, I underwent a process of clear self-evaluation; recalibrating my perspective and seeing beyond my self-imposed boundaries, which enabled me to move forward to a new phase in my life.  Something I had wanted to do for many years.  Coupled with this wonderful experience, I was also privileged to attend Andy Nicholson’s evening seminar on “Love and Relationships” which clarified many issues I had been struggling to understand.  Andy’s inspiring and caring way of teaching made the complicated issues of human relationships seem much more manageable.  It is with heartfelt gratitude to them both that I write this testimonial.  I would thoroughly recommend that anyone striving towards a happier and more fulfilled life should seize the opportunity to attend their seminars and experience their own transformation at firsthand.” Lynne, France

“Reading Feel the Fear and going to Di’s workshop were kind of like planting a seed which continues to grow. Feel the Fear was the first ‘self help’ book I read and the workshop is the only one I have been on so far. Both of these things led to a shift in my attitudes towards life. I now view life in a much more positive way. I really used to be very negative and learned from the book that I don’t have to be that way. I also learned that most people are this way and I wasn’t a ‘special case’. What I had learned form the book was really reinforced in the workshop. It was also great to meet Di, who is a truly special person and had experienced some of the things I had been experiencing since reading Feel the Fear. Again, this helped reinforce what I had learned form the book.  On the workshop itself, I felt really relaxed and was able to be myself. Something which isn’t always easy. In fact, I’ve only recently learned that a lot of the time I haven’t truly been myself. That’s because there a lot of layers often covering up my true self. I really felt these were stripped away on the workshop for both myself and the others. Everyone started to show their true personalities and open up, even Di. I could literally see the change in the others as the workshop progressed. It was awesome. I’m still working on being my true self and peeling back the layers and when I forget what that  feels like I can look back to the workshop as a reference because I really felt like I was being my true self there. Thank you so much xx.”

Relationships: “Andy and Di took me on a journey through relationship dynamics that massively boosted my understanding of why they do and don’t work.  I became aware of why relationships hadn’t worked out in the past, but most importantly became confident that things would work out for me in the future.  Which, for a single man, is a bit of a relief!  Most importantly, I discovered who the most important person was in any relationship I enter into.  Myself.”  Chris, age 33 (male), London.

“I benefited hugely from Andy and Di’s wealth of knowledge and depth of understanding of the way in which human relationships work.  The seminar was delivered in an informative and thoroughly enjoyable way, leaving me with a much clearer idea of what I would hope to enjoy in an ideal relationship and how best to go about attaining it, as well as being able to see where and why previous pitfalls may have occurred.  But more importantly, I really believe that this is now something I can achieve in my life.”  L, age 52 (female).

“The atmosphere in the workshop was one of openness and sharing.  It was amazing to see people revealing some of their goals in life and gaining the motivation to get out there and go for them. I know that at least one other person besides myself form the workshop has been making positive changes in their life and striving towards goals that otherwise may have remained as mere thoughts in their mind. For me, I’m now well on my way to achieving my long held dream of travelling the world. I’ve also formed closer bonds with my family since the workshop.  As I said before my attitudes toward life have changed since the workshop. I now view life as abundant rather than having a scarcity mentality which was like a fear that kept me stuck. For example, I used to think “if I go away travelling for a year what will I do afterward. I might not be able to get a good job when I get back.” Now I think “I’ve got a good job now but I don’t really like it that much whereas I know I will love going travelling and of course I will find a job afterward no matter how long I am away for. In fact I’ll find a better job that the one I’ve got now because it will be one I love.” With a lot of fear removed and an abundance mentality, I realise that I can do anything I want and there’s no reason whatsoever to remain stuck in any job or situation which makes me unhappy.  Richard”

“I attended Di’s Feel the fear and do it anyway workshop earlier in the year. Six women attended, all as unique as the reasons that brought them to the workshop. Throughout the duration of the two days each woman was able to open up and express themselves truthfully. Both Di and Andy created a safe space where we knew we would not be judged and we could bare our hearts and souls.”

“Di really brought the book to life whilst also stamping her unique self on it.  I left having met seven amazing people, and feeling stronger in my heart. The stories that everyone shared proved that life is not easy, and pain is not something that we can hide from. But each one of us has an amazing gift – choice. We can chose to stand tall, be proud and be brave. Life really is for living!”  Nichola

“I found the Feel the Fear workshop a life-changing experience. The decision to go on such a workshop was overcoming an initial fear of doing something by myself and for myself. My friends and family would not have understood why I went on this workshop but I had been unhappy, discontent, frustrated, angry, resentful and generally felt depressed in life for a long time. When I read Susan’s book last year I couldn’t believe that the cause and answer to all my problems was within my control – it was me! Harsh but true because I had given all my power away. In ensuring that those written rules stayed with me for life I had to have a sense of practical guidance which is where Feel the Fear workshop run by Di came into effect.  The first thing about the workshop which is an eye opener is that ‘I’m not the only one, I’m not alone in the way I feel’. Meeting other truly inspirational people that can empathise and understand is a great help, just simply the sharing transformed me.  Much love, x”

“On the first day of the workshop I shared my fears as emotional as it was and on the second day I woke up with a light feeling, like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders, even the sun was shining which represented my new found energy to start living MY life. I was no longer trapped in my self-limiting ways.  Thank You!”

“One of the profound and empowering things I learned since the workshop is about the law of attraction, everything in my life when I looked back I attracted in some way or continue to do so with my way of thinking. Equally I attracted fulfilling experiences and happiness too in different times of my life. Learning I am powerful and I can empower myself to choose the life I want to live instead of the life I think everyone else in my life thought I should live …… well I was reborn like Di described the cocooned self now becoming a beautiful free butterfly. I forgave myself for the pain I’d put myself through and committed to starting anew. After learning what is behind those fears and where they come from, one of the tools given to overcome your fears and change the way you think is through repetition of affirmations which are so profound. We process so many thoughts in a day but if 100% of them were positive, encouraging and empowering then we’d be superhuman! I employ that in my everyday life! Why should what anyone else think matter, I am in control of my life, I am worthy of the life I want so as simply as stopping myself when I say ‘I can’t’ – I change to ‘yes I can!’  The teachings on taking responsibility and taking action in your life in order to stop giving your power away were invaluable.  Brilliant!”

“Since the workshop I have an abundant life! I’m confident in my ability to change any situation I face into a learning and empowering experience. I’ve driven on the motorway, worn green and changed jobs. I’ve faced these fears and handled them! The change is exciting and fulfilling.  I take care of my higher self too, my new best friend ….. a wonderful discovery you will make when you attend the workshop.”

“I’ve always loved travelling and one of the best journey’s I’ve been on in my life so far, and will continue to take, is the one where I am growing, loving, fulfilled and powerful. On that journey there are several paths with fears along the way and paths where I am victorious. Following the true path of my higher self and becoming the heroic person I want to be liberates me and I KNOW I can handle my fears no problem!” R (male, 28)

“Diane, you are fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. It was truly exciting and invigorating and I will continue to develop my growth and learning so that I may cascade these valuable life lessons to the wonderful children in my life. Please keep in touch. With Love, D x” (female, 40, Devon)

“A very satisfying and extremely helpful look into how I can change my life.  A course which now has allowed me to start living my life. I need to thank Andy and Diane for opening my eyes in which I now can look into my soul and begin to love myself. I wish the course went on for longer!  Fantastic surrounding, fantastic group of people. They truly will be friends for life. Great material to carry on with. A workshop that has changed my life, made me realise what I have to look forward to. So many thanks, I truly appreciate it.  S xxx” (female, 27, London)

“The workshop was inspiring. It helped me realise what I need to do to put into action to live the life I want. I took from this workshop that I have the choice to take responsibility and become powerful! I know after today I’ll handle it! Diane was clear and communicated effectively all the essential principles of handling fear. Diane’s personal experiences and knowledge from all the reading, research and workshops she’s conducted relays a trust that she is a confident teacher and can empathise/interpret what we are truly feeling. This workshop has also been a great opportunity to make friends and support others on this great journey of growth like me! It leaves me to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Diane! Regards, H x” (female, 30, London)

“I have enjoyed meeting a group of people, quite clearly on a different part of our journeys but yet all of a similar mindset. What a great bunch of people. Di openly led the 2 day workshop allowing it to flow freely but still sticking on course. It was great to meet a passionate person who truly believes what she teaches. Andy and Di appear a great team. I look forward to their journey together and the wonderful things they choose to share with the rest of us. THANK YOU. D xx” (female, 33, Wolverhampton)

“Thanks Diane for a supportive, empowering 2 days. Flexible training left me feeling empowered and strong. It has helped me believe change is possible and I count.” N (female, 30, Essex)

“Thank you for Susan’s book (to Susan) and now thanks to Diane for the two day workshop (wonderful energy). Everybody felt like a friend and family in a lovely home. I can see more clearly to affirmations (more positive way) and believe more in them. I met wonderful people and the so beautiful Diane. Thank you so much. Love you so much, S xx” (female, 40, Home Counties)

“Hi Di, How are you? Thank you so much again for a wonderful ‘Feel the Fear’ workshop – I really did take so much from it and I’m applying it every day. There is so much that is visible to me now and life is exciting. On Saturday I took my first risk, I hugged my mum and dad – something I hadn’t done in a long time. They smiled and it felt good. On Sunday I bought and wore a green top – my boyfriend said he had always wondered why I didn’t wear green as he’s always said he thought the colour would suit me! As he is also half Irish, he said the green made him think of the Emerald Isle! Everywhere I went on Saturday whilst shopping people smiled at me and cashiers in shops wished a good day and weekend. I really felt like I was operating from my higher self.”

“Today I took the risk of introducing myself to a new starter at work, I imagined how I would feel on the first day and would have like some people to have approached me to calm my nervous and make the transition easier knowing a few people on my first day. I also put into practice remembering that what other people thought was none of my business as I’m most tested at work. It requires constant awareness of my chatterbox and repeating affirmations. I also bought my new best friend some yellow roses today- oh my best friend is ME!”

“I listen to Susan Jeffers’ inner talk for a confident day every morning now and Inner Talk for Peace of Mind every evening and they help a lot in memorising and repeating many affirmations. I have been productive in getting a jar for my beautiful experiences, new book to record abundance, blessings. I bought my first acrylic art set to start painting. I have put up photos of all the people that I love and am loved by as a constant reminder. I got a webcam so that I can see my sisters in Canada and keep in touch more often.  I’m aware now of making sure I am there with family 100% or friends 100%, I also learned that being the Chinese new year this week – it is the year of the rat, it represents new beginnings, time for career changes and much self improvement how apt is that!”

“There is so much more and I even put the Law of Attraction to the test and it worked! I wished for my dad to feel better as soon as possible as he’s been poorly and he woke up Sunday morning feeling much better. I wished that I was no longer late for yoga on Saturday mornings and I wasn’t despite missing a bus! I’ve put thoughts out there of the things I want to achieve now and I’m excited about the growth I have embarked upon. I never want this feeling to stop so I guess I’ll keep on growing and growing and growing.  Thank you Di. I know you will help many more people along the way, you have a special gift. Lots of loving thoughts your way.  Kind regards, Heroic H”

“Hi Di and Andy, I trust you are both well and still smiling. I wanted to thank you both so much for the course last week. You are both such amazing, inspirational people and I truly loved being in your company. I hadn’t realised it when I was there in Leamington Spa, but I had been holding on to the attachment of my marriage and only yesterday, I realised that I can step out of my comfort zone and go ahead with the divorce now because I have nothing to be afraid of by not being in a destructive relationship anymore. I feel lighter and happier already. It would be wonderful to see you both again sometime and I’m sending you loving happy thoughts. With love, D X”

“The workshop was great, it definitely came at the right time, as I have been told my interview is on Friday, I am doing my research and have arranged to get some help from my colleague tomorrow. I CAN do this!!! There is nothing in this interview that I do not have the skills to prove!!! I have started some breathing exercises and was listening to a meditation CD last night, and for the first time in 18 months I managed to have a straight 4 hour sleep! Feeling more awake this morning!! The weekend was a bit slow, and soon as came into work I was “told off for talking” but it was in one ear out the other!!! My main focus is to prepare and do fantastically in my interview for Friday!! Do you have any great affirmations I can use on Friday??? Many thanks once again for believing in me. S”

“Coming on this workshop was awesome for me, because it taught me how far I had already come on my journey of self-development. It was wonderful to meet Di, who is a true inspiration, and it was great to meet someone who has travelled further along the journey than me and experienced similar things to me. The workshop was great, everyone opened up. Bonds were formed. Di allowed this to flow freely and naturally. I noticed the difference in people as the workshop progressed, and I certainly feel different myself. I won’t be the same again – I will continue using all the tools and information I have learned.” R (male 27, Kent).

“Hello D ‘n’ A – I think that’s such an appropriate acronym for you two guys as you provide the building blocks of many people’s lives.  Just to let you know that I had a fantastic time on the workshop and feel WONDERFUL!  It’s honestly like magic.  I can’t wait for the next part of my life!  Thank you both so much for EVERYTHING you have shown and taught me during two very special days. Until soon,  Much Love, L xxx”

“My therapist was very impressed by the effect your workshop had on me as it feeds directly into Behavioural Cognitive Thinking (just positive thinking with a posh name really!!).  I was amazed how relatively easy it was to change ways of thinking in quite a dramatic way in such a short time.  I am dealing with life more cheerfully.  Di, It was an amazing experience and I certainly wouldn’t have believed that such benefits could be achieved in such a short time.  It was particularly interesting doing “group therapy” and I found that very useful.  Thank you so much.”

Feedback From our One Day Workshop with Spice

“The best workshop I’ve ever attended with Spice – I think that says it all”.

“The whole day was excellent – I really enjoyed it! I have seen Di and Andy elsewhere and already have got the book. I also employ some of their philosophies which is why I like to learn more. I don’t know how this event could be improved it was already excellent!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the feel the fear and do it anyway workshop. The trainers were both inspirational and inspiring. After having read the book a few years ago, have since revisited it and purchased  Susan Jeffers 2nd book ‘End the struggle and dance with life’ and as a result of this feel able to cope with more difficult situations both at work and life in general”.

“Really enjoyed the Feel the Fear workshop on Sunday. The presenters were great, they created a relaxed atmosphere and responded well with the group. Having read the book I felt that this was a good way to further that experience but was equally as useful for someone who had not”.

“I left the day feeling inspired and motivated, having had the time over the course of the workshop to reflect on my life, what I was doing and how I could move on. A great start to the year”.

“Dear Di and Andy, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Workshop you gave yesterday at Lea Marston Hotel.  Having read the book in it’s entiretly six years ago, it was a life changing experience. I have come so far during this time but like many things in life, we all start off with good intentions to continue with what we have learnt and to put it into practice, every now and again we have a wake up call and your workshop certainly was the Wake up Call I needed.”

“I feel better about my life already, I am writing an A-Z of daily affirmations personalised around my life in order to get my day off on the right footing… What a good start to the day!”

“I return to work tomorrow and will no longer apologise for interrupting the ‘boss’ when I need to speak to her. It was certainly an eye opener when I realised how many times during the day I apologise to people and for what?, Not anymore.”

“I will Feel the Fear and practice my public speaking, whether it be in a meeting at work or a workshop I’m attending… So what if it doesn’t quite go as planned, I’m in a winning situation just for doing it.”

“A HUGE Thank you to you both and Susan Jeffers, A True Life Saver :-)

“I would recommend this course to almost anyone but especially to those who are feeling a bit ‘stuck’. A chance to stop, think and re-evaluate. Thank you”.

“Really enjoyed Feel the Fear ..and do it anyway. Some really good techniques for helping you take control and stopping fear from restricting your life. Also good ways of helping you make difficult decisions by turning them into win-win situations. I found the section on forgiving people and letting go of anger, bitterness and hurt, very powerful. I would definitely recommend this course to others”.

Did the event write up match the event? Yes
How was the co-ordinator/supplier on the event? No specific co-ordinator, but course tutors did fine job. No co-ord required for this event.
Did you enjoy the event as a whole? Yes, very much. Highly recommended. One of the better courses.
Was the event value for money? Definitely. Superb value for money given price of doing it ‘private’. I always think in general the Spice courses are one of the best value types of events in Spice.
Would you recommend this event to others?  Definitely.

“An excellent, and well run event”.

“Hi Diane and Andy, I have just returned from your Spice workshop today 10th January 2010. I really enjoyed it. It was motivational and inspiring. I will be recommending this workshop to others.”

“A VERY BIG thank you for today”.

Feedback from Coaching & Hypnotherapy Clients

“We learned more about each other during one hour of relationship coaching than we’d learned in five years of marriage”. R.F.

“My levels of self-confidence are amazing. My family barely recognise me!”. T.G.

“Thank you so much. I have made so many positive changes, and feel that I’m living a full life for the first time in years”. D.S.

“Every coaching session with you leaves me on a high for days. It’s wonderful!”. J.D.

“I have such a positive perspective now, and you’ve helped me believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to”. G.F.

“I am completely focussed on working towards my goals now. Thank you so much”. L.S.

“You’ve helped me to understand that I have the strength to overcome anything”. S.W.

“I’ve finally let go of everything that was holding me back, and I feel I’m really moving forward now”. A.J.

“I can’t believe how the answers just came to me as we chatted”. J.D.

Feedback from Motivational Talks

  • Truly outstanding. We need more fabulously positive people like you in the world to motivate us, thank you. Inspirational – Linda S.
  • Inspirational! Motivational!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the talk. I’ll make changes immediately.
  • Found the talk energising, inspiring, thank you.
  • Have already read the book several years ago and this talk has made me want to revisit the book, excellent.
  • Enjoyed every minute. Not what I expected.
  • I enjoyed the workshop and would like to attend others like it. I would also like to read the book ‘Feel the Fear & do it anyway’. It will stop my negative thinking.
  • An eye opener and has given me a positive outlook on life.
  • Speaker / meeting was excellent, inspiring – encouraging, very positive thoughts and ideas, very helpful.
  • Superb – I’ve read the book and you did an excellent presentation from it – Anne.
  • A very positive talk. I hope to use some of the techniques in my daily life. Thank You!
  • Very constructive & inspirational.
  • Has made me feel a lot more positive about the rest of my day and the things I have to do!
  • Thanks for reminding me of what I need to do! I do lots of reading but I can do more.
  • Enlightening & enjoyable.
  • Fantastic! I have a job interview next week & it has helped me be positive and not listen to the chatterbox.
  • Fantastic talk, very important issues and well delivered in such a short time span. Would like to develop further with it.
  • Potentially life changing!
  • Very interesting, lots of thoughts & ideas to take away.
  • Very thought provoking.
  • Interesting, engaging, relevant to all aspects of life.
  • Very interesting , thanks.
  • Very very interesting – Maybe do a half day course at some point please!!
  • Related to what was being said. Kept my attention.
  • Really interesting – I want to put it into practice – and maybe continue to learn some more.
  • Very inspiring, valuable time to look at myself.
  • Lovely! Great to take time out and think about ME!, thank you.
  • Really enjoyed presentation – loved Diane’s passion, very motivated.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the class, It was inspirational and fired me up to be more positive.
  • Di MacDowall is remarkable. She has made me realise I’m remarkable too! I’m buzzing! All the control lies inside me, not outside. Looking forward to a new life Thank you!!!
  • Very eye opening.
  • I must confess scepticism to begin with, but can really see the value and the approach can help me.
  • Very interesting and has provided food for thought.
  • I am very impressed what a difference this can make.
  • A desire to go and take a more posive approach to life.
  • Very enlightening talk. Given me much food for thought
  • Great! It’s a shame there is so little time to relax enough to be a bit more responsive.
  • Very interesting and informative.
  • Interesting and mind-expanding experience.
  • Most helpful!
  • Good to reaffirm the power of positive thinking.
  • Always good to be reminded to focus on the positive!
  • Must try to do more!
  • Very inspiring and motivating. Silence that chatterbox!!
  • Very positive. Uplifting and interesting.
  • Familiar with the concepts but this made it real. Thanks!
  • Able to understand. Good presentation. Motivating.
  • Really interesting and I am certainly going to make sure I am positive from now on!
  • Very good talk. Interesting!
  • Excellent and I am delighted that I came.  It struck many chords with me and will give me the confidence to move on.
  • Brilliant presentation, excellent notes and exercises.
  • Good, well presented, very organised and prepared.
  • Excellent talk, kept to timing and finished promptly.
  • Presenter very clear and enthusiastic.
  • I want to be that person! – it was really great, thanks a lot.
  • Very informative, informal, friendly, inspiring. Thanks!
  • A lot of information in a short space of time – a very good session, food for thought.
  • Good clear self-assured speaker.  Lots of info.
  • Interesting and thought provoking – gave me ideas to work on.
  • Made me feel more positive that I can overcome my lifelong fear.
  • Good and informative – certainly not boring which was great! Looking forward to her next one.
  • Enjoyed the evening. I have been doing a lot of work on myself and the talk solidified the process and was a very positive experience.  I know I am on the right track and will continue with confidence.
  • I thought this talk was very interesing and very helpful and I now believe I have a new way of thinking and looking upon life.
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