International Clients seeking self-awareness and transformation

We have many international clients seeking self-awareness and transformation who we guide through our proprietary Connect To Your Potential process, recognising it for what it is:International Clients seeking self-awareness and transformation

  • a world class level of personal development mentoring and guided self-discovery
  • a pragmatic approach to developing emotional intelligence and emotionally intelligent relationships
  • highly tailored to each individual, couple or family
  • free from the bias that other coaches and mentors, who are generally unaware of their own egotype, deliver – filtered through their own egoic traits

Our international client list spans: Australia, France, Germany, Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, The Netherlands and USA. Our international clients seeking self-awareness and transformation typically take one of the following options:

Why Not Extend Your Stay?

Clients often choose an extended stay in the Highlands, making arrangements to travel and sightsee, often hiring a car, an RV or a campervan.  For campervans, we can recommend Catherine and Stephen Bunn at award winning Highland Campervans, who are based just up the road from us.

On a limited basis, we also offer a one-of-a-kind service, where you take an extended stay with us, combining an extended Connect To Your Potential Breakthrough Experience with a sightseeing tour around the Highlands, guided and chauffeured by us, with optional photography tours and photographic mentoring from Andy. These tours are arranged to suit you and can focus on the amazing landscapes, castles, distilleries, lochs, wildlife or a combination of these. For more details – visit our other website Highland Personal Development Photography Tours to create your dream holiday:- combining your passion and curiosity for personal learning and growth, creativity and beauty, with a change of scene and getting away from it all in the Stunning Highlands of Scotland.

You can see some of Andy’s Highlands photos on the right of this page and see his full collection on Flickr.


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