Testimonials by Couples & Families

The work that we do with couples and families is very special and specialised, highly unique and truly rewarding (for them and us). Here’s just a few testimonials:

…We learnt more about each other in the 2 days than we had in the over the whole relationship…

Thank you so much for a pretty remarkable experience. I can’t quite believe how well it all went. Thank you so much for helping us through this very ‘challenging’ time… It’s really lovely to be able to look forward to Christmas, and better relationships all round.

Andy & Di, I just wanted to thank you both so much for a truly life changing Family Breakthrough day yesterday on top of my Breakthrough Day and the Couples Breakthrough Weekend that we attended at your home. You have quite simply transformed my life and that of my close family and we approach the festive break in high spirits and full of love for life and each other. ##### (daughter) described your distilled skills and talents as “alchemy” and I think she is probably right. Keep the magic going and love to you both from all of us. Fondest Regards

I can’t begin to explain how difficult and yet how liberating and amazing the 48 hours that #### and I spent with you were! I’m sure that you get this reaction all the time
The things that we covered have left us in a place where we are willing to try and be the best that we can be individually and in the best relationship that we can be in with each other. There is still no guarantee that we will succeed but if we don’t then it will be because the will isn’t there, not because we don’t have the tools to do it!
We both can’t thank you enough for being so totally supportive and yet so strong in telling us what we needed to hear and in making us accountable. Just “being heard” made the world of difference to me alone…..and if you would like to use this as a testimonial then please do….if you would like more, then just say.
We are having our first chat tonight about how things are going…and while there has been no miracle worked….. we are beginning to cross some boundaries.
I loved you before this but now I love you even more!
Good afternoon Andy and Di, I hope that you’re having the most amazing day. Right now feels like the perfect time to say thank you both for everything.
It’s taken a while to digest all that happened on the course as coming face-to-face with myself (especially after 52 years!) was a shock. And not a particularly pleasant one!
The thing that strikes me the most, looking back, is that it didn’t feel like a course at all. It felt like friends welcoming us into their home with the sole purpose of awakening us to what they themselves had found. I’ve discovered a whole new way of living thanks to you both. I know what I want, why I’m here and, more importantly, how to live in love with M****.
I now realise that my fears were holding me back and, indeed, paralysing me. I also discovered my limiting beliefs which really shocked me as most of those I believed had been dealt with years ago! How wrong I was!
Thank you for the tools that you equipped us with as a couple. We’re a long way from perfect (if such a thing exists) but we still often ‘ding’, ‘ker-ching’ and say ‘stop it’ to each other! It makes us laugh so much.
In summary I’d say that your course is the missing link in all the different styles of personal development (and relationship development) being taught in the world today. I’ve been on a personal development journey for over 15 years and your course was, without a doubt, the thing that we all need the most as human beings. It’s a life-changer.
Thank you again for all of the gifts that you’ve bestowed upon me directly and indirectly and for waking me up to levels of love for M**** that I wasn’t even aware existed. We now enjoy our relationship on a higher plain.
With love, J***.”
Understanding our Enneagram personality types has completely changed the way we interact with each other. The descriptions are extremely accurate, this is a tool we will continue to refer to and use.
Hi Andy and Di, I would like to say that the week end was a gift to me.
#### and I have been divorced since 2008 and you managed to support and mentor us through some difficult issues we held onto.
The significance to me was that the problems and issues between us appeared intractable at both an emotional and logistical level and we both came away with real hope and determination to move on together in life with new positive bonds of mutual love , understanding and appreciation of each other.
It was so good to work with you as a couple committed to this work and actually practising what you preach. It helped me enormously to hear about the experiences you went through together- the highs and the lows.You gave us your time, empathy, energy and enthusiaism and really looked after us through it all and showed a way forwards which we would not have found through the conventional couple counselling -which we have tried several times!
I would recommend you to any couple who feels or are facing the prospect of reaching impasses and the sad end of the road to their relationship. A heartfelt thank you.
Good afternoon Andy and Di, Please excuse the intrusion but I really just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the gifts that you’ve bestowed upon me in the past year. You’ve given me so much awareness now that it’s actually scary. I find myself so aware of everything from posting on FB and ‘feeling’ where my comments are coming from to realising how free I feel in how I interact with business associates (particularly via FB and text). I now realise when it’s my ego that’s trying to take over vs. when it’s my personal truth that I’m speaking.
A real game-changer has been when you told me that 7’s are kind of out to see what they can get from people. I’m SO aware of that now. I feels so natural to think like that but I’m completely awake to it now. I know when I go to do it but carry on with the same action but it now comes from a different place with different results.
I now take a GENUINE interest in learning about people and helping them and I’ve had so much love and help and rewards come back to me, effortlessly. I admit that occasionally I almost can’t help myself but I’m AWARE so I know that I’ll improve the more effort and time I put in. I could go on (but won’t!)… Thank you both SO very much. I just HAD to contact you to share. I truly appreciate all the tough love, teachings and genuine care that you’ve shown me. Thank you.
Prior to attending the workshop our relationship was distant and had become stagnant after 10 years together. We both had expectations of divorce. We now know that our relationship is very special and we can make it what we want it. We learned more about each other in the 2 days than we had in the over the whole relationship. We will now continue to use the tools and techniques learned to continue to grow and improve our relationship. It’s work in progress, but we both now want it to work and there is absolutely no way we are heading for a divorce, in fact we are falling in love all over again. Thank you Andy and Di. K.C. female, Coach, Gloucestershire
…We now understand how to speak to each other and each be heard and why we have different needs…  W.C., male, Banker, Gloucestershire
I am falling in love again every day… Having been married for 8 years, dating for 16 years, we had most definitely become so comfortable with each other that we were swaying more towards taking each other for granted. Adding two young children into the mix, careers, financial responsibilities etc…we could see that rather than grow closer we were beginning to grow apart. Our communication was rare and when it did occur it was laced in blame, neglect and feelings of feeling unloved. The Love and Relationship course has been a huge blessing to us. Something shifted in us both – all I can say is that I walked away after that weekend feeling a deeper sense of understanding of my wonderful husband, respecting his needs and learning how to communicate with each other. I feel that I have the tools now to build on not just a happy marriage, but one that is filled with joy with my soul mate. I am excited and enthusiastic about growing old together and truly feel that I am falling in love again every day. Thank you so much Di and Andy – you truly are a wonder! S & P, Couple, London
Andy and Di run the best course on relationships ever!!

This couple fell in love again after admitting they had been drifting apart.
She said:

Di and Andy, it was great to see you living what you were talking about and a big thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I more than convinced, applying the knowledge we all gained will lift us to an awesome relationship. I can’t wait to reach the next level in our relationship. I am looking forward to built and live something awesome, something which is beyond our imagination yet, even we saw Andy and Di living it.” And then added later on: “Fabulous weekend with the brilliant Andy and Di who run the best course on relationships ever!! In love again…

He said:

My #####, my one in 30 Billion, and I have also stepped up through the gears, I feel like we’ve gone back to our early days of dating, to the discovery stage – and this is great for us both as ‘7s’ is that there is a whole world left to discover in each other. So we too thank our incredible mentors Andy and Di, and the others on the workshop, as agents of change – for guiding us back to love. Although we’ve ‘heard’ many of Andy and Di’s teachings when we attended the ‘Date with Destiny’ course by Tony Robbins – this time it had true context and the lights came on! J & I, couple, 40s, Home Counties

“Thank you Andy. I really felt the day was definitely a breakthrough and #### (his wife) seems energised and excited about the future possibilities, as do I. Obviously bearing in mind the 7’s ability to enthuse without conviction! We are off on holiday early tomorrow morning and full of hope that we can start the healing process. We are even devising positive affirmations/statements to commit to each other each day to help.  Despite my initial misgivings and doubts I found the day with you probably the most personal progress I’ve made – so well done you.”
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