Emotional Intelligence Solutions For Individuals, Couples and Families

On a more personal level, we deliver emotional intelligence solutions for individuals, couples and families. This process is highly tailored to suit the individuals involved – it is a highly developed process that is NOT a one size fits all solution. We facilitate healthy, happy, authentic, healed, emotionally intelligent relationships and teamwork. We can help you to make the best of challenging situations such as estrangement, separation/divorce, blended families and tension within family businesses. It all begins with a greatly improved understanding and mastery of the most important relationship – the one you have with yourself. Follow these links for testimonials from individuals and testimonials by couples and families.

Emotional Intelligence Solutions For Individuals:

Would you like to find more happiness, a soul-mate, your purpose in life, or solve a problem, or make a major change of direction and overcome your resistance? This is a complete personal development package tailored exclusively to you, available in a variety of formats to suit you best:

  • 72 Hour intensive Breakthrough Experience
  • 48 Hour intensive Breakthrough Experience
  • 24 Hour intensive Breakthrough Experience
  • 8-9 Hour intensive Breakthrough Day
  • Flights, overnight accommodation and meals are not included. Full details of these options are on the above link.

Other services for individuals:

  • Individual coaching or mentoring sessions to deal with one-off issues, delivered face to face, over Skype or by telephone.
  • Career Coaching – Are you feeling stuck in a rut or blocked or that there is some kind of glass ceiling preventing you from progressing? Perhaps it is an awkward boss or an organisational culture that doesn’t match your values? Are you unsure of what you are truly suited to as a career or vocation? Perhaps you fancy a change in direction, but are not sure what.
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring either as a Breakthrough Experience, or as a Four Week Distance course over phone or Skype, to help you to identify your strengths and align your capabilities and aptitude to the right kind of career decisions. We will look at your values and motivations, personality type and Prism Brain Mapping profile, all of which will give you an in-depth understanding of your potential and the confidence to make great decisions.
  • Prism Brain Mapping is available as a stand alone report, or a more in-depth report with coaching support from Andrew Nicholson – certified PRISM Practitioner.  The PRISM reports highlight your strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, ‘Big 5’, cultural fit and can also match you against potential roles.  Andrew can also show you how your profile compares against the ideal profile for a variety of roles.
  • Management and Leadership Development – if as an individual, rather than part of an organisation, you would like develop your potential then again we can tailor a solution for you. Read our blog article on ‘Level 5 Leadership‘ to learn more about the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in successful leadership.

See our Executive Coaching and Mentoring page for more details.

International Clients

If you live overseas from the UK and do not wish to travel, we can work with you as an individual or couple from the comfort of your own home using our distance learning workbooks and Skype or telephone. See our International Clients page for more details.

Emotional Intelligence Solutions For Couples:

Whether you simply want to take your relationship to the next level (and beyond), or you are experiencing challenges and disconnection, our relationship mentoring is uniquely customised to work for you and your partner. We’ve successfully worked with many many couples from all walks of life including fiancés with pre-wedding jitters, to couples with young families, through to those who have been married for more than 40 years.

  • 96 Hour Breakthrough Experience for Couples
  • 72 Hour Breakthrough Experience for Couples
  • 48 Hour Breakthrough Experience for Couples
  • Flights, meals and accommodation are not included. Full details of these options are on the above link.
  • Alternatively, experience the same content as our 48 hour Couple’s Relationship Breakthrough (face to face) Experience from anywhere in the world with our Seven Week Couples Breakthrough Distance Course

For Couples about to be married:

  • The Best Wedding Present for Couples, enabling a couple to enter into marriage with the all awareness and insights they would need to make their union a lifelong and resounding success. This is delivered in one of the ways listed under Breakthrough Experience for a Couple.

Other services for couples:

Emotional Intelligence Solutions For Families:

This can make the best of any challenging family situations including: blended families, estranged families/partners, co-parenting, couples who are divorcing/separating and want the best outcome for their children and wider family.

  • Replace ‘festering’ hurt and emotional reactions from the past with peace and acceptance
  • Learn how to express the love that you know deep down you feel for each other
  • Bridge the generational gaps that are actually down to ego/personality clashes
  • Understand, accept and embrace each others model of the world
  • Learn how to be yourself in the relationship and allow others to be too
  • A credible and unique alternative to traditional relationship counselling or therapy
  • A renewed spirit of co-operation, understanding, open communications and acceptance
  • Support and encourage each others potential and unique sense of purpose
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