Why work with us?

We’ve made it our business to understand human behaviour and human potential, so that we can bring the best, most emotionally intelligent life skills to our clients. Our business is unique for several reasons:

  • We have a holistic methodology that not only integrates several disciplines and best practises – we also fully tailor them to each and every client.
  • Through our extensive research, trial & error and practise, we have tested and rejected more personal development, relationship and spiritual teachings than we have accepted.
  • We have adapted and synthesized the best learnings into a highly integrated and uniquely customised methodology to fit your needs.
  • We provide practical, pragmatic mentoring (not just the theory) that really works.
  • We help you turn knowledge and ‘shelf development’ into ‘walking the talk’ and truly empowering self-development.
  • Our understanding and mastery of the ego and enneagram types goes much deeper than what is commonplace, avoiding the prevailing misunderstandings, sugar-coating and mistyping.
  • We give you two different and synergistic perspectives as well as the male and female perspective.
  • Not only that… as we ‘practise what we preach’ you get to see much of what we teach in action i.e: emotional intelligence, the dynamics of masculine and feminine, communication and team-work, making it more real, believable and achievable.

Our purpose is to share with you how to become truly liberated from the inevitable conditioning of your upbringing and step into your unique potential. This in an important two stage process – (i) release the hidden handbrake, set your direction/intention and then put your foot on life’s accelerator.

You will find many therapists who focus mainly on the former and many success coaches to want to inspire you into the latter.

What you rarely find is a solution that does both.

Rarer still is a solution that is properly fine tuned to who you are as opposed to generic advice, or learning what has worked for someone else (who isn’t you).

In what ever way you choose to work with us:

  • individually through a break through day, 1:1 coaching or our 4 week distance learning programme, or
  • through an open (open to the public) or closed corporate/organisational workshop

… we help you to answer these questions:

answer life's questions

…turning this:

no direction in life into this -> Focus alignment and direction

and this:

personal development jigsaw

into this:

CTYP personal deveopment jigsaw puzzle

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