Client Testimonials

We have lots of testimonials and very satisfied clients. A few testimonials are interspersed amongst our product and services pages.

There are also further pages of testimonials from different groups of clients; please use the links below to find the testimonials most relevant to you:

Here’s a video testimonial and quotes from attendees on our week long Enneagram workshop:

It totally took me by surprise just how much the week with you two rocked my world!
Last week I spent a wonderful week in Inverness studying the Enneagram personality types with this lovely couple, Andy and Di Nicholson. I am very excited about that I have learned. I have always been interested in how other people view the world. Intuitively I knew that seeing someone’s viewpoint can help us to understand why they behave the way they do. The Enneagram shows us nine different and distinct filters that affect how people view the world. Once I have finished processing all this new information, I look forward to sharing some of it with you. An understanding of the Enneagram can give a refreshingly new perspective on any family relationship problems.


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