On the Resources sub menus you will find the following pages:

  • CTYP Academy Login – Login to our Online CTYP Academy to access distance learning courses that you have purchased from us
  • Contact Us – Our contact details – phone, e-mail and social media
  • About Us – who we are (Andy & Di) and our own journey using the tools and understanding that we can provide you with too
  • Why Work With Us? – what makes our approach and the benefits that we can deliver so unique?
  • Client Testimonials – links to testimonials from individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations that we have worked with
  • Pricing Summary – a list of our non-bespoke services and prices
  • Terms and Conditions – the conditions that you agree to when working with us
  • Press Room – details of the national publications and broadcasts that we have appeared in (with links to downloads)
  • Inverness & The Highlands – details & pictures of the amazing ‘destination’ in which we live and work
  • Getting To Inverness – details of flights with links to the airlines, plus trains and buses
  • Local Hotels & B&Bs – self-explanatory!


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