Confidence and Courage 6 Week Online Course

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How would you feel if you could courageously step through your fears and live a more purposeful life without self-imposed limits? Would you be doing work you love, enjoying deep and meaningful relationships, letting go of old wounds, letting go of the constant worry about what others think of you?

All of this, and so much more, is possible. Breaking through your fears is like moving from a place of wading through mud to dancing with life. The tools you’ll learn will help you identify and face the blocks that have been holding you back, so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

One of the most powerful tools we share is the understanding and awareness to step through your fears of rejection, disapproval, failure, being judged by others and making mistakes.  If worrying about what others think is a fear you face daily, then this course is most definitely for you.

Hands holding light bulb uid 1180601Another of the tools we’ll share with you is the art of authentic giving, and even more empowering, forgiveness.  If there is anyone in your life that you have not yet forgiven, this course will provide you with a new understanding and perspective that will set you free.

You will discover how you teach others how to treat you, what your internal and external dialogue says about you the moment you enter a room… and we’ll provide you with the tools to change it.

This course is a catalyst for a journey of self-love. The more you love yourself, the more you have to share with others, and the more you teach others that you are worth loving.  Step by step, piece by piece, the picture will become clear as the course unfolds.

We have witnessed people going through profound changes. It’s like a light coming on as they come face to face with their barriers, and with how the resulting focus has been creating their experience of life.  With new empowering self-belief, and a brand new awareness of what’s happening inside your mind, you too can step through your fears and live the life you were born to lead.

Former attendees of this course have gained promotions, changed career, won their dream job, attracted and married their ideal partner, won a record deal, started a new business, written a book, travelled around the world, transformed their relationship with their partner, family and friends… and inspired others.

These are changes that you will be able to start implementing straight away.

Please note we are no longer selling this as an online course.

Caucasian man holding two silver metal gearwheels up to eye against blue background uid 1172851Each part of this programme has been developed over many years from working face to face with thousands of clients. It delivers proven results. With six modules designed to be taken over six weeks, you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You can repeat steps as many times as you need, as you learn to master each of the tools and apply them to your life. Each week you’ll add further tools to those you’ve already been practising. This course has been described as a game changer.

Here’s a summary of what you will take away from each module:

Week 1: How Your Fears, Beliefs and Focus Create Your Reality.

On Module 1 you’ll learn how your beliefs create your experience of life. Then we’ll help you identify the limiting beliefs that you are holding onto, so that you can remove the barriers they create in your life. We will also look at what you tend to focus on, and help you understand how this affects what tends to show up for you. Then we will help you shift your focus onto an altogether more empowering experience of life.

Week 2: The Spectrum of Emotions – Understanding Your Emotions and Behaviour.

On Module 2 we’ll be sharing the Spectrum of Emotions with you. We’ll explain how each emotion you feel brings out a very different behavioural pattern within you, in others too, and in how they respond to you. This is also the week that we’ll explain fully why it’s so futile to spend your life worrying about what others think of you.

Week 3: Taking Responsibility, Your Ideal Life, and How to Begin Living it.

On Module 3 you’ll discover how to take personal responsibility for your inner-state. You’ll also be identifying the hidden benefits that you gain from not doing so… until now that is. You’ll be identifying what you’d love your ideal life to look like, and then creating a road-map to set you on your way to living it. We’ll also be showing you how to stop complaining, how to say no when you mean no, and how to speak your truth when you need to.

Week 4: How You Teach Others to Treat You, and Effective Decision Making.

On Module 4 you’ll discover how you teach others to treat you. This will help you understand how you may have inadvertently played a part in teaching others how to treat you badly. Then we’ll provide you with tools so you can teach others how to treat you very differently. We’ll also be covering decision making. Have you ever been at a crossroads with an important decision to make, and didn’t know which way to turn? On Module 4 you’ll learn powerful tools to enable you to make decisions effectively, efficiently and in alignment with who you are.

Week 5: Authentic Giving, Forgiveness, and Ten Essential Keys to Relationship Success.

Padlock and key on blue marble uid 1179816On Module 5 you’ll discover the art of fearless and authentic giving. Believe it or not, most people don’t actually know that there is an art to giving. We’ll also be covering forgiveness; what it really means, and why it’s so important for your own well-being. Then you will work through the process of forgiveness which will allow you set yourself free. On this module we’ll also be sharing the Ten Essential Keys to Experiencing a Deeply Intimate Relationship, and we’ll show you how you can start applying them to your current or next relationship with immediate results. We will show you how to recognise and avoid relationship traps and pitfalls and how to avoid making unhelpful assumptions. We will also show you how you can become each other’s greatest teacher in an intimate relationship. This leads us nicely into the final module…

Week 6: The Nine Ego Types of the Enneagram – Stripped and Uncensored!

Enneagram New2-med 2016Module 6 is paramount! This is where we will delve into the nine different ego types. These are the nine models of the world, of which every human being has one. Each ego type has very different default behavioural patterns. The strong distinctions between the 9 perspectives tend to cause the majority of challenges in all our relationships. Understanding, accepting and harnessing these differences enable us to create successful relationships and great team dynamics. It also helps us understand ourselves, and how we fit in, in a brand new light. We’ll be explaining the core egoic triggers of challenging behaviour and also the inherent gifts of each of the nine Enneagram types. We guarantee this will leave you with a whole new understanding of human behaviour and behavioural dynamics. Note: Please be aware that we don’t teach a diluted or sugar-coated version of the Enneagram, so be pre-warned that we’ll be sharing the no holds barred, stripped and uncensored version of the BEST and WORST traits of human behaviour.

Here’s what you’ll receive each week for 6 weeks…

Firstly, you’ll receive membership to Connect To Your Potential (CTYP) Academy.  Each week you’ll receive an email advising that your next module is available for you. Each module contains a video of the class and a comprehensive workbook. Each week’s workbook contains exercises for you to take during the class. It also contains homework for you to complete and practise, building upon your skills while you wait for the next installment.

At the end of the six weeks you’ll feel like a very different person. A new positive, authentic and empowered version of you…

We love nothing better than to see our clients emerge like butterflies into the people they deserve to be. It happens and it can happen for you.

Please note we are no longer selling this as an online course.

Read on for some testimonials and a little about us too:

Here’s how others have successfully made big changes as a result of applying the tools on this course:

 “I realised that I can step out of my comfort zone.  I can go ahead now because I have nothing to be afraid of by not being in a destructive relationship anymore. I feel lighter and happier already.” (DP, Female, Teacher, 42)

“…I put into practice remembering that what other people think of me is none of my business as I’m most tested by this at work. It requires constant awareness of my inner dialogue and repeating affirmations. I also bought my new best friend some yellow roses today- oh my best friend is ME!” (HR, Female, 27)

“The course was inspiring. It helped me realise what I need to put into action to live the life I want. I took from this that I have the choice to take responsibility and become powerful! It leaves me to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! (HH, Male, 30, London)

“A very satisfying and extremely helpful look into how I can change my life.  A course which now has allowed me to start living my life. I need to thank Andy and Diane for opening my eyes. I can now look into my soul and begin to love myself.  A course that has changed my life, made me realise what I have to look forward to. Many thanks, I truly appreciate it.” (JB, Female, Solicitor, 52)

  “This exceeded my expectations and my needs. I can’t even begin to describe the change – for the first time in my life, I love myself and feel able to radiate love to everyone else.”(SP, Female, Jobcentre Plus, 34)

“I found this course inspirational. It made me realise how little I have been giving to myself and how I now do this to find the beautiful me that is inside. I’m now full of empowerment and self-belief.”(AR, Female, 52)

“I now believe anything is possible if you really want it. Even when faced with obstacles, it didn’t stop me. I believe in myself and my abilities, and a big thanks to you both for bringing it out of me. Now I’m going all guns blazing to land that record deal. There is just no stopping me!”  (KH, Male, 35)  PS – this man landed his record deal 3 short months later.

“A truly amazing and inspirational experience, turning my many negative thoughts completely on their head and replacing them with powerful, positive, energy-giving understanding. I am feeling confident and fulfilled at home and work; and my husband and colleagues are commenting on the many noticeable differences.” (AW, Female, Finance Director, 39)

About Di & Andy

Andy & DiDiane Nicholson is a much sought after teacher who has touched the lives of many with her empathy, inspirational talks, workshops and her own inspiring story. Diane is an International Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Workshop Leader, Master Practitioner of NLP, Enneagram Teacher and Advanced Hypnotherapist. Diane was also Susan Jeffers’ first approved ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’ trainer worldwide, and delivered over 200 Feel the Fear workshops to 2000 people over 7 years. She has been empowering others to live a life filled with purpose for many years after stepping through her own fears and limiting beliefs. Her purpose in life is to help others reach their fullest potential with a sense of confidence, love and full self-awareness. She has achieved phenomenal results.

Andrew Nicholson is a Relationship Coach and Mentor who knows what it takes to make lasting positive change. He spent two years working and training at a top relationship retreat in Europe where he underwent extensive training in relationship coaching. Andy is also trained to NLP Master Practitioner Level. His great passion is helping people and organisations move from to a place of deep authenticity. Andy is a Certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner and an experienced Enneagram Teacher.

Andy and Di are passionate about their purpose and their journey together as soul mates. Through their organisation, Connect To Your Potential, they enable individuals, couples, entrepreneurs, executives and businesses to overcome the challenges that life and relationships bring, connect with their purpose, and step into their fullest potential.

They have been featured in the centre pages of the Daily Express,  Kindred Spirit magazine, High Spirit magazine, Soul & Spirit magazine, Take a Break magazine, Tree of Life magazine and The Vision Board book.  They’ve also been interviewed many times on BBC Radio, other radio stations and webcasts.