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We offer three main product formats for working with us:

  • Face to Face Breakthrough Experiences
  • Distance courses – cover the same material as a Breakthrough Experience
  • CTYP Online Academy

All of these options are designed to give you cutting-edge learning and awareness. This will enable you to master your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, personal resilience and responsibility and relationship skills. Here’s a quote from a happy customer:

Good afternoon Andy and Di. Please excuse the intrusion but I really just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the gifts that you’ve bestowed upon me in the past year. You’ve given me so much awareness now that it’s actually scary. I find myself so aware of everything from posting on FB and ‘feeling’ where my comments are coming from to realising how free I feel in how I interact with business associates (particularly via FB and text).
I now realise when it’s my ego that’s trying to take over vs. when it’s my personal truth that I’m speaking.
A real game-changer has been when you told me that 7’s are kind of out to see what they can get from people. I’m SO aware of that now. I feels so natural to think like that but I’m completely awake to it now. I know when I go to do it but carry on with the same action but it now comes from a different place with different results.
I now take a GENUINE interest in learning about people and helping them and I’ve had so much love and help and rewards come back to me, effortlessly. I admit that occasionally I almost can’t help myself but I’m AWARE so I know that I’ll improve the more effort and time I put in. I could go on (but won’t!)… Thank you both SO very much. I just HAD to contact you to share. I truly appreciate all the tough love, teachings and genuine care that you’ve shown me. Thank you.

We can also offer workshops for groups or organisations, by arrangement. We have delivered hundreds of workshops in the past; these days we prefer to work more in-depth with individuals, couples, families, family businesses or small teams.

In addition, we support these objectives with PRISM Brain Mapping for those who want to investigate their career performance and options, or look at optimising their team performance, training needs and/or recruitment and talent management.

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