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Your Human Potential

What Would You Like to Achieve?

Over the last 10 years we have developed a comprehensive, holistic and world-class personal development methodology.

In a nutshell, the best phrase to describe what we deliver is mentoring in ‘Emotional Intelligence‘. This is the kind of intelligence that is sadly lacking in today’s education and awareness.  A lack of emotional intelligence causes great challenges in our personal lives and in our relationship with ourselves and others. Conversely, a well developed emotional intelligence is at the heart of peace, contentment and love, as well as great leadership, teamwork and success in so many areas of life – especially relationships.

Milton Erickson, one of the first great experts on our sub-conscious, noted that

People only have problems because they are out of rapport with their unconscious minds.

Today, far too many of us struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, a lack of purpose and ultimately, stagnation. Probably the largest factor in all of this is a lack of self-awareness and a misalignment between what we think and do, versus who we truly are. Our work, and hence our brand name, is to connect you with your true potential and in so doing, bring you into rapport with your sub-conscious.

Lao-Tze, the ancient Chinese philosopher, reputed author of ‘Tao Te Ching’ and founder of the philosophy of Taoism, said:

He who overcomes others is strong; he who overcomes himself is powerful.
It is this understanding that underpins our highly developed methodology.

Here’s another favourite quote by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. neuropsychologist and health reporter, who said:

With just a little understanding of your own brain, you can reach down inside the enchanted loom of your very being and gradually weave greater strength, insight, confidence, contentment and loving intimacy into the tapestry of your life. That’s the great opportunity here: your brain is not in a bucket in a laboratory, it’s alive and pulsing with possibility, waiting for the skilful touch of your mind to guide it in increasingly wonderful directions.

Our goal and role is to give you the tools, encouragement and insight to treat yourself with that ‘skilful touch‘, to develop greater strength, confidence, purpose, happiness, love, intimacy, vastly improved relationships and emotional intelligence.

To achieve this we have studied many different disciplines and weaved together a unique methodology drawing upon the fields of: the enneagram (egotyping), positive psychology, human potential, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive-behavioural therapy, human emotions, human needs, Prism Brain Mapping, life coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching, advanced leadership coaching, communication, wellbeing and nutrition.

To compliment our extensive personal research and development, our formal training spans:

  • Forty days of Relationship Academy Training, and two years living, working and training at the Academy
  • Prism Brain Mapping Certification
  • Enneagram training
  • Six years as Approved and Licensed ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®‘ Trainers
  • Certified Master Practitioners of NLP
  • Motivation Method Therapist and Coach (M.Dip)
  • Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction)
  • Diploma in Tutoring for the Life Coaching Institute
  • Licensed Practitioner in Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Leadership Coach Training
  • Executive Coach Training
  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science & RYA Sailing Instructor (studying and coaching human performance)

Our greatest gift is our ability to customise and tailor all of this experience to suit you.

We are all different. We have very strong models of the world which filter our experience of life, how we see ourselves and others. Our egoic coping mechanisms and subconscious filters shape what we perceive and mask our underlying needs, values and potential. Using powerful tools and 20 years of combined experience in using them, we will unravel and reveal YOUR unique blueprint, uncovering what makes you ‘You’, and revealing what determines your potential. As facilitators, we will put our own egos and filters to one side in all our work with you, thereby ensuring that what we deliver is right for you.

This exclusive approach allows us to help you to apply all of this wonderful awareness and knowledge to you as a unique individual. In so doing, we overcome the natural and intuitive resistance of trying to force someone else’s model of the world and beliefs on to you. At the same time, we work with your own strengths, weaknesses, perceptual style, beliefs and ego-type to accelerate your learning, acceptance and development.

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