Let go and make 2015 as uncomplicated as possible?

Letting Go - Getting in the flow

By Diane Nicholson

How about simply letting go of everything that hurts you?…

Because believe it or not, it’s actually our thinking that makes us feel that life so complicated. Not life itself.

All too often we find ourselves hanging on to things and people which deplete our energy. This is a great time to take a really good look at your life and make some powerful decisions for yourself. Have a really good look at everything and everyone in your life, then decide which uplift you, and which hurt or drain you. Once you’ve identified all those which are depleting your energy, then perhaps it’s time to let them go…

Have you ever wondered why you’re choosing to hold on to them after all? Most of us never even contemplate that question. We simply accept them, then wonder why life feels so complicated and painful.

I know on a personal level, particularly over the last year, I have consciously chosen to let go emotionally several times. There was lots of soul-searching, a great deal of picking up the mirror, and in the end, my instincts spoke loud and clear and refused to back down until I took action on them.

They included certain people, certain activities, things we simply didn’t need to do, all of which were having an adverse and cluttering effect on our well-being. The moment we stepped away from them, our personal energy responded immediately, as did the Universe. Quite remarkably so in all honesty.

Letting go includes… releasing attachments, thoughts, feelings, and simply gifting yourself with the space to breathe, to love, to be loved… and be.

It can be difficult to let go and learn to do so without the self-imposed feelings of guilt. I know it was for me, until the day it dawned on me that I was allowing it fully, and therefore teaching others that it was OK to treat me that way. It’s crazy, isn’t it… we feel so bad walking away from people who quite willingly mistreat us. Thankfully, this is not something I do any longer, and life has become beautifully simply. I straightened out my thinking, and life straightened out as a direct result.

However, one thing it does for sure, is test your resilience, your willingness to stand up and be counted in your own strength and truth. This is one of the most exhilarating insights of the journey, because once you do it, you either step into and become your own truth, or you step back and keep allowing the frustration. Until you master it, it will keep happening… it has to. It has no other way of making you sit up and take notice.

It takes a great deal of determination to trust your instincts absolutely, and to take heart-centred action based upon them. With enough practise, releasing all that brings you down becomes the norm. One day you realise that loving yourself and being kind to yourself, is the place from which comes all the love you are capable of being in this world. To hold on to people and things which deplete you, stops everything you are capable of being in its tracks. However, it’s your journey to realise this and decide this for yourself. You can choose to simplify, de-clutter, let go and get in the flow.

I will always maintain that difficult people and situations are absolutely necessary in our lives. Without them we simply would have no reason or opportunity to master ourselves. It would be like trying to bake a cake with no ingredients…

Perhaps it’s time to clear the decks and be kind to yourself… but you have to be brutally honest with yourself about what is not serving you, and what is. Then you have to take action on it. Otherwise nothing changes. Not one thing, except even more frustration on your part. Over this past year in particular, I’ve realised that I’m quite happy for others to teach me who they are. I’ve decided to be sensible enough to allow them all the space they need to be themselves. When they teach me, I listen, I hear, and I believe. I’ve also realised that I don’t need to be upset by who someone is. They simply are who they are. It’s not about me. It never was. If I can pick up the mirror and know that I have been the best I can be around them, then I have done all I can. The learning is all there. All I need to decide is whether I choose that for myself…

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