Face to Face Breakthrough Experience for an Individual

Breakthrough Experience

Achieve permanent, positive change…

Uniquely tailored to you and delivered on a one-to-one basis

Breakthrough Day – £447 (9.30am – 5.30pm)
24 Hour Breakthrough – £497
48 Hour Breakthrough – £797
72 Hour Breakthrough – £997


  • Are you still searching to find the real you?
  • Are loving relationships and lasting happiness passing you by?
  • Do you lack purpose and direction?
  • Perhaps you’ve read many self-help books and attended workshops and events, but nothing seems to be working?

We can help. Our Breakthrough Experience is all about discovering yourself at a core level. You will come to understand how and why you feel and behave as you do in a way which you’ve never been able to before.

We take you into a place of self-awareness, including bringing what is unconsciously holding you back into your conscious awareness. We then show you how to overcome these blocks and provide you with the knowledge and coaching programme that is right for you. This will enable you to step into your passion, purpose and unique potential.

Your course is the missing link in all the different styles of personal development being taught in the world today. I’ve been on a personal development journey for over 15 years and I’ve been to some of the biggest names out there! But what you taught me was never touched upon by anyone else, and it was also the most transformational. It’s a life-changer.

Here’s a short video illustrating how we work with clients.

As the video above explains, if you have blocks in certain areas of your life, it is because there is something you’re blind to which is creating that block. We work with your inner-world to address these blind spots. This releasing you from their hold, allowing you to live life to YOUR fullest potential – not someone else’s model for life and success.

From awareness comes choice, and the potential to master yourself, harness your natural talents and preferences, and align these to a powerful and meaningful purpose and direction.

The change is fast and lasting; the work we do with you permanently alters your perception and understanding of what is possible. Our unique Accelerated Personalised Development process is tailored to you. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

You will learn all about:

The EnneagramYour Enneagram Type, which will allow you to see yourself in a way you’ve never been able to before.  You’ll receive your full personality profile, explaining the behavioural patterns your Enneatypes plays with you – the good, bad and the downright ugly. Please be aware we will not be teaching you the much taught ‘sugar coated’ version of the Enneagram, which focuses mainly on the positive aspects whilst only just touching upon the shadow side. This dilutes and prevents the incredible wisdom of the 9 ego types. Instead, we will be taking you on a journey right into the core of your hidden and denied shadow, because it’s only once you can see and understand it, that you have the power to change it. You’ll discover how to recognise, catch and change your negative patterns, and move beyond them.

To understand a little more about the Enneagram you can read our article The Most Empowering Question You Can Ask Yourself – Who Am I?.

Once you understand your Enneagram type and what that truly means, then we will build upon this, so you understand how your human needs, relationship needs, values, beliefs and purpose all tie in together with your core Enneagram patterns.

Models of the worldAll of the above in combination, create a unique model of the world through which you experience yourself, others and situations at large. The Breakthrough Experience opens your eyes to a brand new reality, one which isn’t filtered through limiting beliefs, a fear of what others think, or of wondering who you are. It moves you to a place of knowing who you are, and then accelerating forward – fully aligned.

Each Enneatype has a very different path for transformation, which enables them to (i) step through the patterns their ego plays with them and (ii) develop and progress rapidly in a congruent and authentic direction. This will quickly become abundantly clear to you.  

All of the clients we work with at this level on their Breakthrough Experience are astonished at just how differently the nine types perceive, feel and experience life.

smiling-blonde-woman-sitting-on-the-grass-uid-1284839For the first time, you will become fully aware of your own and others’ patterns of behaviour in a completely new light.  We guarantee that your relationships with others will change, often radically for the better. When you can see and understand the motivation behind your own and others’ behaviour, forgiveness comes naturally, as does the ability to see when you’re being manipulated and are best to move away from a particular situation. The most profound part is that you’re unlikely to feel a need to take offence at others’ behaviour any longer, because you’ll be experiencing it in a very different way.

The purpose of bringing you face to face with the negative behaviour of your Enneatype, is so that you can learn how to move beyond it, not so that you can become boxed into it. We all become unwittingly boxed in by our ego from an early age. Most of us blissfully unaware as it works away at a subconscious level creating our responses to life and the patterns we keep repeating.

What is beyond the ego?

Well, many call it authenticity. Each Enneatype has a unique and immense gift and talent to offer this world. However, limiting beliefs and egoically driven sabotage (the ego avoiding change and fearing the unknown) hold us back from following our dreams. For some egotypes, the opposite is true, and our ego over-indulges in dreams, whilst also procrastinating and avoiding taking action.
Once you understand what your gift and innate talent actually is, then it gives you permission to begin living it.

A Complete Blueprint for YOU

Many people’s personal development journeys are haphazard, experimenting with lots of different philosophies, books and courses. It can end up looking something like this:

the self-help jigsaw

The key is to discover who you are first…
then align your actions and intention with that…

And the picture transforms from the one above, to this…CTYP self development jigsaw
Life moves from this:

no direction in lifeto this:

aligned direction and focus

To Book Your Breakthrough:

Firstly, click on the tabs in the table below to see the options and what’s included:

72 hour Breakthrough Experience – £997. An in-depth experience over a longer period to allow us to relax the pace and also deal with more specific issues. Includes collection from and return to Inverness Airport or train station, workbooks, transport to local accommodation, plus some local sight-seeing (e.g. Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield or Dolphin watching). Flights, meals and accommodation are not included. The Breakthough Experience runs from when you arrive in Inverness till 6pm, then 9:30am to 6pm the following two days and 9:30am till your departure on the third day. Or you are welcome to stay on in the Highlands to go exploring. Note: we also offer bespoke Highland Tours – see our other website for this: Highland Personal Development Photography Tours
48 hour Breakthrough Experience – £797. Our most popular and in-depth experience. Includes collection from and return to Inverness Airport or train station, workbooks, transport to local accommodation, plus some local sight-seeing (e.g. Loch Ness). Flights, meals and accommodation are not included. The Breakthough Experience runs from when you arrive in Inverness till 6pm, then 9:30am to 6pm the following day and 9:30am till your departure on the third day. Or you are welcome to stay on in the Highlands to go exploring. Note: we also offer bespoke Highland Tours – see our other website for this: Highland Personal Development Photography Tours
24 hour Breakthrough Experience – £497. Includes collection from and return to Inverness Airport or train station, workbooks and transport to and from local accommodation. Flights, meals and accommodation are not included. The Breakthough Experience runs from when you arrive in Inverness till 6pm, then 9:30am till your departure the following day. Or you are welcome to stay on in the Highlands to go exploring. Note: we also offer bespoke Highland Tours – see our other website for this: Highland Personal Development Photography Tours
Breakthrough Day – £447. This includes approx. 8 hours of mentoring usually from 9.30am – 5.30pm, plus a workbook and refreshments. Overnight accommodation and food is not included.
EasyJet and Flybe offer low cost direct flights to and from Inverness Airport.
TO BOOK your Breakthrough Experience, simply contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling. For the ultimate experience we recommend the 48 hour Breakthrough which gives us the opportunity to slow the pace and intensity slightly with more time to practise and role-play everything we share with you. Note: The 24 hour and 8 hour Breakthroughs cover the same core material at a faster pace. Alternatively, the 72 hour experience allow us to do more tailoring to your specific needs and issues should there be any special circumstances.

Dores Beach, Loch Ness

Dores Beach, Loch Ness

Your Breakthrough also includes:

  • Refreshments (e.g. tea/coffee/herbal tea and cake)
  • A Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session if you decide you’d like to look even more deeply into who you are.

Read about another client’s powerful journey through his Breakthrough Experience: One Man’s Journey – A Beautiful Breakthrough…

I wanted to send you a note following last weekend to say a BIG thank you for your time and the knowledge and wisdom you imparted. I truly came away a bit ‘shell-shocked’ and amazed by what I’d learned. It has provided me with a lot of “a-ha” moments since and I’m now making some very big changes in my life. A massive thank you. It has hugely changed how I experience things. Jenny B, Teacher, 45, Birmingham.

Andy & Diane NicholsonWho are we? Andrew and Diane Nicholson

Diane Nicholson is a much sought after teacher who has touched the lives of many with her empathy, inspirational talks, workshops and her own inspiring story. Diane is an International Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Workshop Leader, Master Practitioner of NLP, Enneagram Teacher and Advanced Hypnotherapist. Diane was also Susan Jeffers’ first approved ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’ trainer worldwide, and delivered over 200 Feel the Fear workshops to more than 2000 people since 2007. She has been empowering others to live a life filled with purpose for many years after stepping through her own fears and limiting beliefs. Her purpose in life is to help others reach their fullest potential with a sense of confidence, love and full self-awareness. She has achieved phenomenal results.

Andrew Nicholson is a Relationship Coach and Mentor who knows what it takes to make lasting positive change. He spent two years working and training at a top relationship retreat in Europe where he underwent extensive training in relationship coaching. Andy is also trained to NLP Master Practitioner Level. His great passion is helping people and organisations move from to a place of deep authenticity. Andy is a Certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner and an experienced Enneagram Teacher.

Andy and Di are passionate about their purpose and their journey together as soul mates. Through their organisation, Connect To Your Potential, they enable individuals, couples, families and businesses to overcome the challenges that life and relationships bring, connect with their purpose, and step into their fullest potential.

They have been featured in the centre pages of the Daily Express, Kindred Spirit magazine, High Spirit magazine, Soul & Spirit magazine, Take a Break magazine, Tree of Life magazine and The Vision Board book.  They’ve also been interviewed many times on BBC Radio, other radio stations and webcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

flights to invernessHow do I get there? – Flights to Inverness can be obtained from many locations around the UK at very reasonable rates, particularly if booked in advance. Click here for details of all flights and airlines which serve Inverness Airport. Most UK flights take around an hour to reach here, and we will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate. Your Breakthrough Experience begins at whatever time your flight lands at Inverness Airport, until the same time either 48/72/96 hours later when you depart. If you prefer to come by train or bus, we will collect you from the station. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your car. We have plenty of parking space.

Where do I stay? We have compiled a list of local Bed and Breakfasts and hotels, all of which are close by. We will take you back there in the evenings and collect you after breakfast in the morning. If you wish to book alternative overnight accommodation which is not on this list, please ensure you check with us first so we can confirm whether pick up and drop off will still be feasible, and won’t involve a lengthy drive through rush hour traffic. You can access our local overnight accommodation list here. Please note that choosing, booking and paying for your overnight accommodation is your responsibility.

What if my flight leaves at a very different time to when I arrive? We tend to find that when regular daily flights land at Inverness airport, they usually re-board then depart for the same destination approximately an hour later. So your return flight is likely to be at a similar time to when you land, except a few days later. Thus we offer these as 48, 72 or 96 hour Breakthrough Experiences, so they finish at the same time of day they began. However, if there is a time difference of several hours, then you are welcome to walk in the nearby woods, or we are happy to take you into Inverness City Centre where you can roam around the shops, see the River Ness, and visit the indoor Eastgate Shopping Centre. From there, you can go to the airport by taxi, or catch the half hourly Jet Bus Service which runs from the city centre to the airport. Many of our previous clients have even decided to stay on in the Highlands and enjoy a touring holiday after their retreat has ended. Details are further down this page.

When can I come? Your Breakthrough Experience is delivered one-to-one, so is arranged over days which suit you. Weekends and weekdays are both absolutely fine.

Do you both deliver the Breakthrough Experience for an Individual? The Breakthrough Day for an Individual is primarily with one of us; either Andy or Di. The other of us will join you for sections of your breakthrough and will be involved on a flexible basis.

How do I pay? Payment is required by bank transfer prior to your visit. Note: We can send you a Paypal invoice if you prefer this to a bank transfer, which you can settle by debit or credit card, but we would need to add an extra 3.4% to cover the Paypal fees.

Will I need to do anything beforehand? Yes, we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete before you come to stay, which will need to be returned by email one week prior to your arrival. This allows us to know in advance the main areas you’d like to work on, and if there are any issues in particular that you’d like to resolve. We can then ensure we tailor your workbook around your specific needs. It saves us valuable time on the Breakthrough itself, and allows us to get started the moment you arrive. We will also send you our Enneagram Test to complete.

How do I book? If you would like to chat with us about the Breakthrough Experience, or about booking dates, then please feel free to contact us. You can also contact us via our Online Chat facility – check the ‘chat widget’ (bottom right) to see if we are online now, or leave us a message.

Can I do this Breakthrough with my partner? Yes, you most certainly can. We offer this as a Couple’s Relationship Breakthrough Experience, where you can cover all of this content together, and even more focused around relationships. You will both receive a comprehensive guide on how your two personalities and models of the world can work together in unity, bringing out the very best in one another. Full details are available on the link.

What if I can’t come to Inverness? Alternatively, you can cover this same content, taking the Breakthrough Experience from anywhere in the world, on our Four Week Distance Course. This is delivered one-to-one via Skype, Facebook video call or telephone plus e-mail over four weekly sessions. Click the link for full details.

Extending Your Stay in the Highlands…

Clients often choose an extended stay in the Highlands, making arrangements to travel and sightsee, often hiring a car, an RV or a campervan.  For campervans, we can recommend Catherine and Stephen Bunn at award winning Highland Campervans, who are based just up the road from us.

On a limited basis, we also offer a one-of-a-kind service, where you take an extended stay with us, combining an extended Connect To Your Potential Breakthrough Experience with a sightseeing tour around the Highlands, guided and chauffeured by us, with optional photography tours and photographic mentoring from Andy. These tours are arranged to suit you and can focus on the amazing landscapes, castles, distilleries, lochs, wild-life or a combination of these. For more details – visit our other website Highland Personal Development Photography Tours to create your dream holiday:- combining your passion and curiosity for personal learning and growth, creativity and beauty, with a change of scene and getting away from it all in the Stunning Highlands of Scotland.

You can see some of Andy’s Highlands photos on the right of this page and see his full collection on Flickr.

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