The importance of Emotional Intelligence for the Millennial Generation

Below is a great video, worth watching, featuring extracts from an interview with Simon Sinek from an episode of Inside Quest (IQ). Sinek is an American author. His ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’ was listed as the third most popular TED presentation of all time

Sinek makes very many great points about how adolescents and young adults today are being set up for failure, due to the corporate and parenting culture and due to unrealistic expectations which are (un)grounded in an expectation of instant gratification.

What I find fascinating, is what Simon is really talking about – life skills – is emotional intelligence. Yet this isn’t mentioned by name. Funny that the video is from IQ, aka Intelligence Quotient, whereas the solution is really EQ – Emotional Quotient, or EI Emotional Intelligence, also sometimes referred to as emotional literacy.

The discussion highlights how the current obsession with social media is denying the opportunity to develop life skills and relationships skills, which are also not being facilitated in the corporate environment.

Here’s an extract from the discussion, followed by our thoughts:

“Some things that really, really matter, like love, job fulfilment, joy, love of life, self-confidence are skills sets that take time to learn and build. Sometimes you can expedite pieces of it, but the overall journey is arduous and long and difficult. Plus, if you don’t ask for help and learn this skill set – you will ‘fall of the mountain’, or worse. The worse case scenario we are seeing is death by suicide or accidental drug overdoses. More and more adolescents are dropping out of school or taking leave of absence due to depression. This is really bad. The best case scenario is that millennials just ‘waft’ through life, just getting by, and never find real joy.

Emotional Intelligence for the Millennial Generation

Simon Sinek:

Everything you want, you can have right away, with instant gratification, except job satisfaction and strength of relationships. There ain’t no app for that! These are slow, meandering, uncomfortable and messy processes.

The importance of Emotional Intelligence for the Millennial Generation

Here’s where we disagree with Simon. For the vast majority, the so called ‘soft’ life skills are indeed slow, meandering, uncomfortable and messy processes. In fact many of us don’t progress much at all, even with the benefit of life experience and hindsight. This is how it was for us for the first 40-45 years of life. Despite good intentions and despite doing a considerable amount of personal development, life was still a confusing struggle.

Then there was a sea change (dictionary definition = profound or notable transformation). In 2011 we re-visited all that we had learned from personal development and relationship coaching to find out where and why it wasn’t working. We then set about finding solutions. We discovered the keys to developing emotional intelligence, which starts with a massive increase in self-awareness and a recognition that generic, one-size fits all training isn’t effective, as we are all too different for it to work. Indeed these differences can make personal development work against us, taking us further into our ego, creating bigger obstacles – which is what we found in some key instances.

What has resulted, our accelerated personalised development approach to developing emotional intelligence is not slow, meandering or messy. On the contrary, it is fast, focussed and tailored to who you are. It can be taught to everyone. Indeed, this is our purpose and passion.

You may note that I left out uncomfortable – yes our Breakthrough Experience could be described as uncomfortable, as we bring you face to face with your shadow side and ego. However, these feelings soon pass as a lasting sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance, congruence and liberation comes over you. There is no going back from this, you can’t and won’t want to unlearn it.

Use the following link to find out how to develop your emotional intelligence with one of our Breakthrough Experiences.

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