Confidence and Courage is launched!

I am so pleased that our all new Confidence and Courage six week online programme has been launched. I want to share some of the key reasons why I am so passionate about this course.

Several existing clients have already bought the programme as it is a great reminder to reinforce and build upon previous workshops or Breakthrough Experiences that they have completed with us.

For other’s who we haven’t worked with before, it is a fantastic, affordable and accessible springboard and launch-point for living up to your potential.

Confidence and Courage

A major reason came, in hindsight, after spending my first few years training and working in the personal development industry between 2004 and 2008. During that time, I trained in NLP, life coaching, executive coaching and relationship coaching and was exposed to a lot of Tony Robbins material. I also did a lot of my own research into wellbeing, positive psychology and spiritual development. This picked up on a previous period of research that I did in the late 1990s and a general interest in ‘what makes us tick’.

When I first met Di and subsequently started to sit in and then jointly teach people how to break through their fears and limiting beliefs, I had a realisation. It was an epiphany (light bulb) moment. I had loved all the positivity of the personal development movement. However, looking back, I also came to recognise that few of the many hundreds of people that I knew who were students, and indeed teachers of personal development seemed to be living up to their potential; most seemed fairly stuck. I saw people teaching about happiness, positivity, wealth, relationships and wellbeing. Yet, I saw few people’s lives really taking off in these areas on a lasting basis.

You can’t bypass your limiting fears and beliefs and achieve your potential

My epiphany was as follows. Until you can recognise and consciously embrace your fears and limiting beliefs, you can’t fully step into your potential. Instead, it remains just hype and a pipedream.  This does not mean that you can’t dramatically change your life for the better. It does mean that you have to embrace your ego, your shadow side and make better conscious choices about where your thoughts, focus and attention lie.

I use the word ‘lie’ deliberately, because there is both truth and untruth/half-truth to the phrase thoughts become things i.e. it is not the whole story. You can have all the positivity training in the world… yet until you free yourself from the subconscious fears and (sometimes unintentional) self-imposed limitations or your ego/shadow side, then intended self-development will in reality be just ‘shelf-development’… Another book or workshop done, a box ticked, but no dramatic change to you and your life. I can see this was me and all my research too was largely shelf-development. So on one level, your fears, limiting beliefs AND your positive intentions can be viewed as a lie or a reality; to an extent, it depends upon where your focus is.

Our long-standing subconscious limitations are generally more powerful and lasting than any new and fledgling intentions that we have to be more positive and fear-less.

You can’t escape your fears whilst that’s all you focus upon

Something else that I have noticed is that it is all too easy to be cynical and put down personal and/or spiritual development and dismiss it as ‘snake oil’ and false. I have seen quite a few therapists and clinical psychologists, who because they are so immersed in people’s problems all day long, have a ‘glass ceiling’ whereby they can’t see a fully healthy and positive patient. They pour scorn on positive thinking, calling it a fanciful or unbelievable ‘nominalisation’.

Instead, many have the belief that the patient/client’s past/problem needs to be gradually unpacked and worked through. They often set quite low expectations in terms of progress, healing and the path to wellbeing. ‘Flourishing wellbeing’ (an accepted psychological term) is not on their radar. It’s all about the problem. Their desire outcome for their client is the diminishment/management or possibly the absence of the problem (or more likely it’s symptoms). There is little or no connection to flourishing.

So the second part of the epiphany is this. No matter how hard you work on your problems (e.g. challenges, fears, phobias or limiting beliefs…), if you are not then able to move your attention quickly to a believable and authentic positive outcome and view of self, then you are left staring into an abyss of the unknown. Fear of the unknown is a powerful underlying fear. It will most likely stop you in your tracks.

So focussing on the problem isn’t the answer.
Focussing only on positive outcomes isn’t either!

A good metaphor for the proprietary CTYP process that we take and support clients through is: helping them to recognise and release their hidden handbrake on life, then to put their foot on life’s accelerator.

You may remember from studying physics at school that acceleration is a function of force, direction and time. To authentically and successfully accelerate your life, you too need to apply force (positivity, action and trust) in a well considered direction, over a period of time. Simply applying force without direction, or not for long enough (without intention) won’t get you to where you want to be.

You need to be able to consciously recognise and accept your limiting fears and beliefs. You need to be able to consciously work through these. You then also need to develop trust in a credible path out of these unknowingly self-imposed limitations, into an authentic and plausible empowered future (i.e. not simply moving away from the past or your pain). By doing so, you disempower, as opposed to disown your limiting beliefs and fears AND you empower and trust in your new direction, focus and potential.

Having trust and a new direction is very important. Without trust, direction and intention, your new path isn’t believable. If this is the case then you are unlikely to have sufficient motivation to succeed. Inevitably, you will end up reverting back to what you know i.e. past pain, bad habits and limitations.

Yours fears, limiting beliefs and authentic potential are all connected

This is the epiphany – embrace your fears and your future. Join the dots – find a believable and credible path from one place to the other. Don’t deny your past, don’t simply run away from it aimlessly.

So this is how and why we have designed the confidence and courage course. It makes the whole process (i) conscious, (ii) makes it believable for you, (iii) gives the process direction, one that takes you through your fears, beyond your limiting beliefs into a future that you can authentically embrace and focus upon. This gives you the confidence and motivation to do the work necessary to fully embrace your potential, to make it a new reality. This too is why we introduce the Enneagram to you, as a holistic tool that connects your shadow side/ego and your unique potential. The Enneagram helps to explain your ‘model of the world’ and make you consciously self-aware.

As part of the Confidence and Courage process, we also get you to connect with your ideal life – the things that you intuitively know are right for you – this is the pull that gives you a meaningful direction to accelerate along.

Finally, we cover the keys to successful relationships. It is essential to address the fears that may be preventing you from attracting or showing up healthily in a relationship so that it can grow to its full potential. Good relationships are at the heart of meeting your human needs, which in turn are what underpin wellbeing.

These are all topics that we build upon in our more advanced 1:1 work with clients in Breakthrough Experiences with us.

Watch our free and informative 40 minute webinar now to learn more about Confidence and Courage.

Or, click here to buy our six week Confidence and Courage online course.

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