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Talent Management – Millions of over-educated workers stuck in the wrong roles


Organisations are struggling with their talent management, a new report has yet again highlighted.

According to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), 5.1 million UK workers are ‘stuck’ in jobs where their talents are not being used. In fact, many of these workers are considered ‘over-educated’. This problem is rapidly getting worse – there’s been a rise of nearly a third compared to 2006. This applies not only to graduates but those who have invested in apprenticeships and NVQs too.

IPPR warns:

… the mismatch of skills and jobs could contribute to another “lost decade” of stalled productivity and falling wages.

Allied to this trend are:

  • An adult skills system that is out of alignments with the requirements of employers.
  • An ageing workforce, with older employees far less likely to receive any/adequate training or re-training.
  • A lack of incentive and motivation of employers and employees to invest in training/the right training.
  • Employers not making use of their employees’ skills.
  • A resulting mismatch between education, qualifications and productivity.

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One Man’s Journey – A Beautiful Breakthrough

Diane Nicholson

Andy and I have recently enjoyed the most beautiful Breakthrough Experience with a client. His name is Terry, he’s 42, and he’s given us full permission to share his story.

Terry flew up to Inverness for his 48 hour Breakthrough not really knowing quite what to expect. He’d been experiencing issues in his relationships; they never seemed to last. He knew women were drawn to him, but they soon began to get disgruntled, then he would find himself doing anything and everything he could to sabotage and escape the relationship. This pattern kept repeating itself, even though he had been dating some really wonderful women.

At 42, he felt it was time to sort these issues out once and for all. Read More →

Confidence and Courage is launched!


I am so pleased that our all new Confidence and Courage six week online programme has been launched. I want to share some of the key reasons why I am so passionate about this course.

Several existing clients have already bought the programme as it is a great reminder to reinforce and build upon previous workshops or Breakthrough Experiences that they have completed with us.

For other’s who we haven’t worked with before, it is a fantastic, affordable and accessible springboard and launch-point for living up to your potential.

Confidence and Courage

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When positive thinking is simply papering over the cracks…


By Diane Nicholson (originally posted on Di’s Blog December 2013)

A few years ago I discovered that I am an Enneagram type Two. The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom which teaches about the 9 ways of ‘being’ and perceiving life. It was created mainly for the egoic traits that arise through each type. Each of the 9 types are different, but have pretty much default and predictable behavioural patterns, and between them they make up humanity. When you understand this, you tend to understand why so many people feel so easily offended or can be judgemental in today’s society… it’s because we are all so different whilst telling each other ‘Be like me, be like me!’ rather than ‘Be like you, be like you!’

These days, the Enneagram has become so sugar-coated to make it socially acceptable so that it doesn’t offend the fragile egos of those who would have to face the truth about how they show up at times, the patterns they play on themselves and others, and how they hold themselves back. With this sugar-coating, the wisdom and potential the Enneagram contains becomes hugely diluted. You see, you cannot hold back from seeing the complete truth about how your ego shows up, then also expect to recognise and break through the patterns of that same ego. Because you cannot break through what you cannot see.

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Taking Responsibility for your Feelings


Imagine you are like a TV set. Everything that appears on your screen is set by your remote control – your channel, volume, brightness, contrast… everything. This remote belongs to you – it was made specifically for your set and works with no other TV.

Everything that displays on your screen is the frequency you choose for yourself, which then projects your programme, sound, energy and waves into the world.

Now imagine readily handing over your remote control to another, so that they can decide this for you, and instead of you…

You simply wouldn’t do that, would you?

Good! Ok, now that we’ve established that, you’re saying that no one else decides how you feel at any given time, right?

‘No?’ So others do have the power affect your feelings – to bring you down, raise you up, make you feel bad, make you angry, sad?

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Retirement – what next?


Recently we have worked with several individuals and couples in their 60s. Life can have major transition points i.e. a new job, moving in together, illness, trauma, having kids, the kids leaving home and retiring. These often throw into question our identity and purpose as roles that we perhaps over identified and over-invested in end or change. Coming to truly know, understand and accept yourself and those around you helps you to handle such transitions with grace and without such a sense of loss or fear of the unknown.

Studies have repeatedly shown that mortality rates go up in connection with retirement and early retirement. The study showed that for every extra year of early retirement, workers lost about two months of life expectancy. So rather than worrying about your retirement, why not make plans based on knowing yourself – what makes you tick, what motivates you, what makes you happy and healthy?

Helping individuals and couples to find their ‘mojo’ and create new and joint purposes is what we do as part of our Breakthrough Experiences – where we explore who you are and give you amazing new insights into yourself. It is never too late to learn and enjoy a new lease of life. Don’t you deserve that?

Check out our Solutions For Individuals, Couples & Families page for more information and links to how we can help you to know yourself and Connect To Your Potential, whatever your age, stage or circumstances.

The most empowering question you can ask yourself – Who am I?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could understand yourself in a brand new light?

By this I mean be able to understand the different triggers that cause you to respond to life in the way you do, to know and be able to recognise what takes your energy up, what takes you down, what motivates you, and to be able to instantly recognise when your ego is responding to life rather than the real you? And wouldn’t it be wonderful to really connect with your inherent talents and to not only believe you have those talents, but to truly, deeply know? You see, there’s a world of difference between believing something and actually knowing it. This brings true self-empowerment.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to understand others, especially those closest to you, in the same light too?

Well… did you know that there are 9 different perceptions of life, 9 different drives and models of the world, and that each of us experiences life through one of them? Here are just some examples of how they all differ from one another: Read More →

Community Empowerment Programme


We had the pleasure and privilege of delivering a 10 week Empowerment programme for 30 amazing ladies from Saheli, a Muslim Community Group in Birmingham. Over the 10 half days sessions, the ladies learned lots of new skills and insights that allowed them to step into their abilities and individuality. The raised energy levels became infectious and rippled into families and the community. Amazingly, we all learned together how our personal development insights enabled the ladies to better practise their faith and live to their values.

It truly was an empowering experience, one which delivered lasting results and impact throughout their community. This Community Empowerment was summed up well by one of many testimonials:

This course is not your run of the mill ‘add a layer of positivity to your life’ that many empowering courses do. It is genuinely about unleashing the potential of individuals in line with their deeply held values – a powerful tool to bring individual and societal transformation!

You can see the fantastic video feedback and lots more written testimonials here. If you are involved in a community or third sector organisation and would like to empower the community and those providing support and services to it then contact us for a no obligation discussion of how we can help.