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Self-development vs shelf development….? (cont’d)


Are you getting real, lasting results from your personal, or indeed spiritual development?

Or, are the results as best short-lived and perhaps rather intangible? Are you a workshop junkie, or a serial book-worm? Is it self-development or shelf development? Be honest.

Here’s what one of our clients has just said:

Since my sessions with you, I really don’t feel I need personal development and have since put all my books in the loft. I really don’t need them anymore and it feels great. Thanks.

Self-development or shelf development….?

Enough said?

Talent Management – Millions of over-educated workers stuck in the wrong roles


Organisations are struggling with their talent management, a new report has yet again highlighted.

According to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), 5.1 million UK workers are ‘stuck’ in jobs where their talents are not being used. In fact, many of these workers are considered ‘over-educated’. This problem is rapidly getting worse – there’s been a rise of nearly a third compared to 2006. This applies not only to graduates but those who have invested in apprenticeships and NVQs too.

IPPR warns:

… the mismatch of skills and jobs could contribute to another “lost decade” of stalled productivity and falling wages.

Allied to this trend are:

  • An adult skills system that is out of alignments with the requirements of employers.
  • An ageing workforce, with older employees far less likely to receive any/adequate training or re-training.
  • A lack of incentive and motivation of employers and employees to invest in training/the right training.
  • Employers not making use of their employees’ skills.
  • A resulting mismatch between education, qualifications and productivity.

In the IPPR report, Read More →

Why Accelerated Personalised Development?


Why the term ‘Accelerated Personalised Development’? As you may have seen from the brief discussion our home page, answering the question “What do you do?” doesn’t seem quite so straight forward for us.

So if you have time, here’s a 33 minute video recorded at The Best You Expo 2017, where Andy describes how and why we arrived at this powerful methodology and why it is different to other personal development offerings. If you don’t have time to watch the video now, then read on.

Marketeers say that we need to keep descriptions really short, tight, clear, snappy, attractive etc. etc. That’s marketing for you!  Life really isn’t that simple. We say beware of people offering you very simple yet powerful generic personal development solutions – they usually don’t have a lasting effect once the hype has worn off…

We are in the business of human behaviour, people and relationship dynamics – these appear to be anything but simple! Indeed they are largely unfathomable to the vast majority of us.

This isn’t at all surprising as:

  • We all have very different character/personality/temperaments, much of which is hidden in our sub-conscious.
  • This isn’t taught to us in school.

The good news is that we have greatly simplified and systematised the understanding of people, relationships and human potential.

  • The system starts by focusing on you and the most important relationship – the one that you have with yourself.
  • We take our clients through a unique discovery process – developing much greater self-awareness, self-mastery, awareness of others and mastery in relationships.
  • We have systemised and condensed 24 years of combined experience and the study of many different human potential disciplines into a cohesive and structured process and framework.

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How facing her fears gave birth to her dream


We had a wonderful phone call recently. A beautiful young lady we worked with last year gave birth to a gorgeous little baby girl. This may seem pretty normal for a 32 year old married woman, but for her it was life-changing and a dream come true. Her name is Christine, and she’s given us permission to share her story.

When Christine initially contacted us, she’d been struggling with anxiety for a long time. She really wanted to resolve this. She was longing for a life where she could look forward to the future without constant worry. She’d been trying to start a family for over five years, but her body wasn’t yielding.

Christine constantly imagined the worst case scenario for the majority of situations she faced. Logically she knew that the worst case scenario rarely materialised, but it didn’t stop her imagining it anyway. It’s no wonder she felt anxious so much of the time. She had no idea how to stop this from taking over her life. Read More →

Our two workshops at The Best You Expo March 2017 London


Come an join us at the UK’s biggest and best Personal Development event – The Best You Expo, ExCel London, 4-5 March 2017.

The Best You ExpoWe are exhibiting and giving two workshops:

Workshop One –  4th March 13:00
Accelerated Personalised Development – Workshop Room 2

Personal Development has much to offer. Success, happiness, resilience, personal mastery, being at peace, wealth, the list goes on.

However, the pathway is far from clear.

Where to start, what direction to take, which philosophies to study, which teachers to engage? Read More →

The Best You


Do you want to become The Best You?

  • Do you want to achieve permanent, positive change?
  • Are you still searching to find the real you?
  • Are loving relationships and lasting happiness passing you by?
  • Do you lack purpose and direction?

Perhaps you’ve read the self-help books, watched the videos and attended the events, but you still can’t find your path to self-fulfilment and happiness?

The Best You ExpoWe’ve found the solution you’ve been searching for, and we want to share it with you.

We are husband and wife team Andrew and Diane Nicholson from Connect To Your Potential. We’d like to invite you to come and meet us, plus here our two talks at the UK’s biggest personal development event – The Best You Expo, which takes place on Sat-Sun 4-5th March 2017 at ExCel London. We are on Stand 26b.

Here’s the link to our speaker biography page, plus some of our credentials: Read More →

One Man’s Journey – A Beautiful Breakthrough

Diane Nicholson

Andy and I have recently enjoyed the most beautiful Breakthrough Experience with a client. His name is Terry, he’s 42, and he’s given us full permission to share his story.

Terry flew up to Inverness for his 48 hour Breakthrough not really knowing quite what to expect. He’d been experiencing issues in his relationships; they never seemed to last. He knew women were drawn to him, but they soon began to get disgruntled, then he would find himself doing anything and everything he could to sabotage and escape the relationship. This pattern kept repeating itself, even though he had been dating some really wonderful women.

At 42, he felt it was time to sort these issues out once and for all. Read More →

Confidence and Courage is launched!


I am so pleased that our all new Confidence and Courage six week online programme has been launched. I want to share some of the key reasons why I am so passionate about this course.

Several existing clients have already bought the programme as it is a great reminder to reinforce and build upon previous workshops or Breakthrough Experiences that they have completed with us.

For other’s who we haven’t worked with before, it is a fantastic, affordable and accessible springboard and launch-point for living up to your potential.

Confidence and Courage

A major reason came Read More →

Resolutions and Goals vs. Direction & Purpose


Happy New Year everyone.

If you are intent on setting goals and resolutions for this year, then read on – if not, then have a great one.

My advice would be:

1) Goal setting and SMART goals can help to achieve something specific, and rarely have a lasting or profound outcome. I.e. once the goal is achieved, it is done and life probably hasn’t changed all that much; your problems haven’t been resolved and potential fully embraced.

The word ‘resolution’ has many meanings. One is “the act or process of resolving or separating something into constituent or elementary parts”.

2) A great resolution is to get more resolution and insight into yourself – your constituent or elementary parts.

By understanding your personality, ego, motivations, values and the limiting beliefs that come between you and your potential, you can set a meaningful direction and purpose. This helps you to make much better decisions, in alignment with your inner truth and potential.

If you would like to master this, we have a well-developed process to allow you to.  More details here:

Have you stopped growing up?


I’ve just started watching a fascinating programme on Channel 4 about the developmental psychology of 4, 5 and 6 year olds.

Here’s the thing. I watched it after watching an episode of the Apprentice on BBC iPlayer. The patterns of behaviour were remarkably similar! Defensiveness, entitlement, boys vs. girls, bravado….

It begs the question – how grown up are you? When did we stop growing up? How much more growing up is possible/desirable?

Adolescent Minds

It is my contention that most of us are adolescent minds and souls – struggling in an adult body and world Read More →