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Talent Management – Millions of over-educated workers stuck in the wrong roles


Organisations are struggling with their talent management, a new report has yet again highlighted.

According to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), 5.1 million UK workers are ‘stuck’ in jobs where their talents are not being used. In fact, many of these workers are considered ‘over-educated’. This problem is rapidly getting worse – there’s been a rise of nearly a third compared to 2006. This applies not only to graduates but those who have invested in apprenticeships and NVQs too.

IPPR warns:

… the mismatch of skills and jobs could contribute to another “lost decade” of stalled productivity and falling wages.

Allied to this trend are:

  • An adult skills system that is out of alignments with the requirements of employers.
  • An ageing workforce, with older employees far less likely to receive any/adequate training or re-training.
  • A lack of incentive and motivation of employers and employees to invest in training/the right training.
  • Employers not making use of their employees’ skills.
  • A resulting mismatch between education, qualifications and productivity.

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