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Taming the ‘ego machine’

Diane Nicholson

Our ego is a machine. It’s a machine that works to a specific routine.

It has a specific set of values, a specific motivating drive, a specific set of fears, rules, beliefs…

We don’t see our machine, because at the same time as you might say – it is within or inside us, we are also are inside it. We are unconsciously looking, sensing and interpreting through our structured ego-filters, which shape what we think we see and experience. It is like being on auto-pilot.

Yet there is another, bigger part of us, you might call it ‘soul’, ‘higher-self’, or our conscious self, that is tied in our ego-machine for the duration of our lives.

The more offended we feel by being told we are a machine, the more blind to our machine we become. This is how the ego-machine works. It is a clever little critter…

Within us, the soul and machine often go unwittingly into battle because they cannot see one another. Heart over head, head over heart, head over gut-instinct… our machine plays out its game, repeating patterns over and over again, dragging our soul along for the ride…

Other machines of different types, with different operating systems, come into contact with us every day. Some will offend us with their differences, and others will please us with their similarities and/or compliments. Read More →

Left Brain vs Right Brain


Here’s a short video worth watching. I’m not sure if the focus on left brain and IQ is a conspiracy – it could be. I have no doubt that many social/political/economic systems are left brained biased, which does in turn cause a lot of issues. More balance, more EQ (emotional intelligence) and more feminine characteristics and energy could go a long way to creating a better world.

In terms of left brain vs right brain and IQ vs EQ – more balance, more EQ (emotional intelligence) and more feminine characteristics and energy could go a long way to creating a better world.

Flexibility of behaviour and self-awareness are two of the major keys to success and happiness. Self-awareness is also the foundation of emotional intelligence, which in turn is one of the biggest success factors in personal effectiveness, management and leadership.

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As relationship mentors we educate our clients on the masculine and feminine and how to develop both aspects of themselves and use them to greatest effect in relationships.

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