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The Myth of Normal


‘Society generates (mental) pathology’ – i.e. much of it is avoidable. I have a lot of time for this point of view. Here’s (in my view) a great video on the subject:

I am no clinician, but have studied wellbeing from many different angles. As such I am more than sceptical about much of the medical ‘industry’ when it comes to diagnosis of mental health conditions and the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Dr. Gabor Maté talks about many conditions that are diagnosed as abnormal (such as anxiety, depression, addiction…), as being on a continuum much of which could/should be considered normal.

Normal is worse than over-rated as a  concept – it is dangerous.

Having worked with many hundreds of clients on their Read More →

Resolutions and Goals vs. Direction & Purpose


Happy New Year everyone.

If you are intent on setting goals and resolutions for this year, then read on – if not, then have a great one.

My advice would be:

1) Goal setting and SMART goals can help to achieve something specific, and rarely have a lasting or profound outcome. I.e. once the goal is achieved, it is done and life probably hasn’t changed all that much; your problems haven’t been resolved and potential fully embraced.

The word ‘resolution’ has many meanings. One is “the act or process of resolving or separating something into constituent or elementary parts”.

2) A great resolution is to get more resolution and insight into yourself – your constituent or elementary parts.

By understanding your personality, ego, motivations, values and the limiting beliefs that come between you and your potential, you can set a meaningful direction and purpose. This helps you to make much better decisions, in alignment with your inner truth and potential.

If you would like to master this, we have a well-developed process to allow you to.  More details here: