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The Stats on Wellbeing & Potential


Repeated studies of wellbeing  have shown that less than one in five of us (17%) live in a regular state of ‘flourishing’ wellbeing, a place from which living to our potential becomes entirely possible and likely. Conversely, nearly a third of us are struggling with our emotional wellness either ‘languishing’ on the brink of more serious mental health issues (11%) or having been diagnosed e.g. often with depression, anxiety or stress (18%). The rest of us (54%) have what the psychologists describe as ‘moderate’ levels of wellbeing, which typically means we have our good days and not so good days/situations/moments/relationships….

Whether you are experiencing flourishing, moderate or lower levels of wellbeing, these are in fact ‘states’ on a scale. We can slide up and down this scale quite rapidly. If you don’t believe me, just go and watch a video of something that makes you happy, angry or sad – our moods can quickly alter and be influenced.

It is not the same for each of us. We react in different ways. Some of us are more emotional, so can experience higher highs and lower lows. Studies and shown that we all have a different ‘set-point’ for happiness. These are all elements of what some refer to as our character.

Whatever our character, we can all influence where we are on this spectrum of wellbeing. Read More →