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Community Empowerment Programme


We had the pleasure and privilege of delivering a 10 week Empowerment programme for 30 amazing ladies from Saheli, a Muslim Community Group in Birmingham. Over the 10 half days sessions, the ladies learned lots of new skills and insights that allowed them to step into their abilities and individuality. The raised energy levels became infectious and rippled into families and the community. Amazingly, we all learned together how our personal development insights enabled the ladies to better practise their faith and live to their values.

It truly was an empowering experience, one which delivered lasting results and impact throughout their community. This Community Empowerment was summed up well by one of many testimonials:

This course is not your run of the mill ‘add a layer of positivity to your life’ that many empowering courses do. It is genuinely about unleashing the potential of individuals in line with their deeply held values – a powerful tool to bring individual and societal transformation!

You can see the fantastic video feedback and lots more written testimonials here. If you are involved in a community or third sector organisation and would like to empower the community and those providing support and services to it then contact us for a no obligation discussion of how we can help.