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Each and every one of us has a unique potential. We also face a distinct set of subconscious challenges and blocks that hold us back.

  • Do you know what your potential is? In happiness, wellbeing, love and success?
  • Do you understand the challenges that are coming between you and your potential?
  • Do relationships confuse, scare or frustrate you, or hold you back?

If not, then we have a proven and unique solution for you.

Andy & Di - the personal development expertsWe are Andrew and Diane Nicholson. We help our clients to understand, accept and master themselves through personal development.

This results in greater happiness, fulfilment, confidence, sense of purpose, congruence and ability to be themselves in all avenues of life, including intimate and family relationships.

We do this by giving our clients a ‘Breakthrough Experience‘ like no other. This is a process whereby you get to know yourself at a much deeper level, developing a much better, well-informed relationship with yourself. You will come to know, accept and master your highs and lows, your shadow side and your potential.

Breakthrough Experience

We provide Breakthrough Experiences for individuals, couples, families, family businesses and executives. The core process of getting to know what makes you and other’s tick is the same – delivering multiple meaning of life, AHA! light-bulb moments.

  • For individuals, layered on top of our core process, we can address relationship issues such as dating, ideal partner profiling, difficult family relationships, career direction, your purpose, not knowing who you are or feeling unable to be yourself around others.
  • For couples, we are often addressing challenges and unhappiness, or an inability to be yourself in the relationship. Sadly, couples often wait until things are really bad before they look for our help. So many tell us that they wished they’d had the benefit of the Breakthrough Experience much sooner and that all couples would benefit from it.
  • For families, we help you all to understand and accept each other. We bridge what is often thought of as a generation gap, that is more often a clash of personalities and differing models of the world.
  • For family businesses, we make sense of different personalities, behaviours, strengths, weaknesses and roles in and away from the business. We deliver an education, common understanding and action plan to allow you all to function at your best, operate from a place of love and plan for the future.
  • For executives, we help you to achieve work-life balance, develop emotionally intelligent leadership skills and bring out the best in yourself and others.

Human beings and human relationships are the most complex and misunderstood things on this planet. We have de-mystified and streamlined personal development and relationship mastery.

Along with our Breakthrough Experience you receive and complete your ‘Owner and Operator’s Guide’ to yourself and your relationships. This reinforces these important life skills and provides a framework for your ongoing personal development.

Our approach is unapologetically holistic – we reveal the key elements of what makes you tick, making sense of surface level behaviour and your feelings, which are the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the real, whole you, your motivations and relationship dynamics. Watch our video below to start to understand how this works and why it is so powerful.

Between us, we have 25 years of experience working in personal development. During this time we have studied and trained in many different disciplines. We have created a holistic process and framework that integrates the best elements of behavioural science, personality, human potential, emotional intelligence, life and relationship coaching and mentoring.

Accelerated Personalised Development

We have called this framework Accelerated Personalised Development. Why? Because it is the most effective and cost-effective solution that we know of that connects and accelerates you into the best you possible. There’s no unnecessary padding and all that we deliver is tailored to who you are – for maximum believe-ability, congruence and effectiveness.

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